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Poppets Mini Wipes Bag

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Poppets Baby Mini Wet Bag Overnight

The Poppets Mini Wet Bag is a water resistant mini pouch ideal for carrying pre wet (ideally in your gentle cleansing Poppets cloth wipe solution) or dry cloth wipes when out and about.

The Poppets wet bag has a unique design allowing easy access via a concealed zipless opening. The concealed opening helps to reduce the change of wicking or leaks.

The Poppets mini wetbag can be easily hung from a pram or bag with the popper handle and makes a great little bag not only for cloth wipes wipes but also snacks or toys with easy access for little hands. 



The wet bag can hold up to 10 cloth wipes.

How to use it

When using for pre wet wipes, ensure wipes are squeezed out of any excess water making them damp to touch.

If you like to keep your wipes dry until they were needed then consider a Poppets spray bottle.

Once you've used your reusable wipes to clean baby's bottom, face or hands then store in another bag for your soiled nappies and wipes.

Visit our comprehensive beginners guide on using reusable wipes for more information.


100% Ultra Durable Polyester TPU

Poppets Baby Brand

Poppets Baby are famous for their Poppets cloth wipe solution which makes reusable baby wipes soft, smelling divine and glide on baby's skin. Try the rest of the Poppets Baby range.





23 x 19cm
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