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Little Lovebum Wipes Pouch
Little Lovebum Wipes Pouch
Little Lovebum Wipes Pouch

Little Lovebum Wipes Pouch

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Little Lovebum Wipes Pouch Overview

Little Lovebum Wipes Pouch is simply just perfect. We were all very excited as there has been a gap in the market for a really good wipes pouch for a long time.

The Little Lovebum Wipes poch is made of double layer PUL so that it is very reliably waterproof. Unlike many other wet bags the bag does not seal with a zip instead the top rolls down on itself.  Zips are always a weak point on a wet bag as zip are never waterproof. This simple but clever roll down feature removes the weak point for any wet bag. 

You can carry your pre-moistened reusable wipes in your wipes pouch safe in the knowledge that if the bag moves you don't have to worry about the zip area.

The handy wipes pouch is also a  great eco-alternative to plastic bags and can be used to carry all sorts of little kid-necessities or even menstrual products.



Unfolded pouch 29 x 15cm

Folded 22 x 15cm

The Little Lovebum wipes pouch can hold up to 10 Little LoveBum wipes. You can of course use other brands of wipes in the pouch but how many it will hold depends on the brand of reusable wipes.

We have tested and you can fit a pair of period pants in here or 2-3 Cloth Sanitary pads

How do I use it?

Pre-wet your wipes and wring dry. Fold them and stuff them into your Wipes Pouch. Roll the top of the pouch and popper it closed. Be sure to empty and wash any unused pre-wet wipes at the end of the day. We never recommend storing wet wipes for longer than a day.

Alternatively you can put your wipes into the Wipes Pouch dry and damp them with a spray bottle.

Whilst our Wipes Pouch is great at storing damp wipes, it will wick moisture if you try store soaking wipes.

Visit our comprehensive beginners guide on using reusable wipes for more information.

Pouch Fabric

Double layer PUL - Polyurethene Laminate


Little Lovebum
Little Lovebum
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1 Review:

01 July 2023  | 

This is a sweet little wipes bag, I really like the size of it and the fold over closure it gives the bag more longvity as no zips or poppers that could breadk. I brought this to contain wipes in hospital when i had my baby and it was a great size.
id recommend the pouch as it's more waterproof if you like to bring pre wet wipes out but this is ideal for storing wipes if you wet them on the go