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Picnic Mat by Little Lovebum
Picnic Mat by Little Lovebum

Picnic Mat by Little Lovebum

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Are you searching for the perfect picnic mat for your family? Look no further than Little Lovebum!

Our quilted and padded picnic mats are made of 100% polyester, making them durable, comfortable, and machine-washable.

With a water-resistant top layer and a waterproof bottom layer, they're ideal for picnics at home, in the forest, or at the beach. Plus, they come in a jumbo size of 2m x 2m, offering ample space for everyone.

And when it's time to pack up, place the mat in the included drawstring bag for effortless storage.

Whilst most picnic mats are not machine washable and much smaller, the Little Lovebum Picnic Mat will last you and your family much longer, making them a fantastic reusable choice.


Little Lovebum
100% Polyester
2m x 2m
Little Lovebum
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