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TUM TUM 3 Way Trainer Cup (Free Flow)
TUM TUM 3 Way Trainer Cup (Free Flow)
TUM TUM 3 Way Trainer Cup (Free Flow)
TUM TUM 3 Way Trainer Cup (Free Flow)

TUM TUM 3 Way Trainer Cup (Free Flow)

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Tum Tum Silicone 3 Way Trainer Cup Overview

The Tum Tum Silicone 3 Way Trainer Cup is perfect from the very start of your little ones weaning journey with the free flow straw. Developed to aid babies as they learn how to swallow.

Helps babies to progress from free flow straw cup to open cup with minimal mess via at transitional lidded/open cup. Ideal baby first cup for progressing from bottle or breast feeding.

The cup is suitable for cold and warm drinks, has double handles for little ones to grab and hold and features a measure on the interior. It even has a super wide base to reduce the risk of spills.

The cup is designed with Feeding & Swallowing Specialist Speech Therapist; Stacey Zimmels in order to facilitate healthy and normal oral motor development.

Tum Tum Silicone Cup Stages

As they grow and become more confident with drinking,

  1. Use as a free flow straw drinking sippy cup with the straw
  2. Remove the straw and sip from the edge.
  3. Then as they progress even further, remove the lid entirely for a completely open cup drinking.

The ideal cup for progressing from bottle or breastfeeding.

How to clean

The straws can be cleaned by washing in hot water with a mild detergent. Spare straws and a cleaning brush can be purchased separately. You can clean by any of the following methods:-

1. Run the straw under the tap and rub it up and down between your fingers to remove any residue.
2. Fill the cup with hot soapy water. Close the lid and shake it. When you open it, the water will squirt out of the straw, giving it a ‘pressure clean’.
3. Using the Tum Tum cleaning brush.

Key Features

  • The ideal first cup for progressing little ones from bottle / breast feeding
  • The cup has 3 drinking options, free flow straw, sippy cup, to completely open cup
  • Suitable for warm and cold drinks,
  • Suitable for the freezer, microwave and dishwasher
  • Wide base for stability with an internal measure.
  • The cup will hold 180ml and even comes with a straw cleaning brush
  • Beautifully on trend colours and super soft silicone that is completely unbreakable when dropped

Made From

The Tum Tum Silicone Cup is made from food grade silicone, which is naturally bacteria resistant and BPA & Phthalate free



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