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7 Reasons to Buy a Nappy Pod and Make Life Easier

7 Reasons to Buy a Nappy Pod and Make Life Easier

If you're a busy parent, a Nappy Pod is a must-have. With features like an easy-carry handle, adjustable closings, and waterproof fabric, these incredible inventions can help make parenthood much easier. In this post, we look at seven reasons why you should get your own Nappy Pod.

What are nappy pods?

A nappy pod is a wet bag which has a unique square box shape or officially a cuboid! Nappy pods make it easier to find all your clean nappy change items from your main nappy bag. A nappy pod is fantastic for keeping your clean nappies neat. A pod will hold around 6-8 one size nappies.

Why should you buy a nappy pod?

1. Easy & Convenient Changing - With a Nappy Pod, you can easily and conveniently change your child’s nappy on-the-go.

A nappy pod is the perfect size for neatly storing all your nappy changing necessities so they are with you at all times. The zipper allows for easy access allowing you to quickly and easily change soiled nappies.

Not only does the nappy pod make life easier, it helps to keep you organized - by having everything together in one spot, you can rest assured that there won't be any last minute rushes searching for nappies!

The average pod is the perfect size for holding 8 modern cloth nappies which is enough to cover a day trip out even for heavy wetters. See our photos of them in use. You can see all the pocket nappies, one size or all in one nappies neatly lined up ready for use. They look so tidy and organised and you can quickly count how many nappies you have.

Keep your pod topped up with clean nappies so you can grab it on the way out of the door everytime you go. Got your keys, got your phone, got your pod!

2. Lightweight and compact

The nappy pod is lightweight and compact, making it the ideal companion for travel. Inside the pod you can store nappies, wipes and even nappy sacks if you use disposable nappies, ensuring you have all of your changing accessories in one convenient place. It also has a handy strap for ease of carrying, it's a similar size to a sports boot bag. 

Not only are Nappy Pods convenient and secure in keeping baby items all within one container, but they’re also stylish, modern and lightweight. They come in a variety of designs, materials and colours to best fit your needs, so you never have to worry about carrying around bulky changing bags ever again.

3. Odour Proof

Many people only use their pod for storing clean items but a nappy pod is made of waterproof material so you can store soiled items if you prefer. The waterproof interior will help keep any mess contained, and the easy-close zipper helps keep odours in.


4. Keeps All Necessities in One Place - No more lost or forgotten items! Nappy Pods store all of your baby changing essentials securely within one container.

You no longer need to search for an item that's fallen to the bottom of your big changing bag, or replace lost items. Everything you need - wipes, nappies, creams, ointments or anything else is right there in one place. So even if you’re out and about, you don't have to worry about forgetting to bring something important. With Nappy Pods, you’re ready for any situation!

5. Attach to your buggy or carry

Nappy pods have a strap that fastens with a popper. This allows you to attach your nappy pod to any type of buggy handle.

Whether you’re carrying it in your hand or attaching it to your buggy, Nappy Pods are the perfect accessory for when you’re out and about with baby.

nappy pod hanging from it's handle on holiday

6. Quality Construction & Durability – Built with waterproof ripstop fabric, quality stitching, strong velcro straps and reliable zippers, Nappy Pods are made to last through multiple uses (available in two sizes).

Constructed using premium materials and innovative designs, Nappy Pods provide superior durability and long-term savings. You’ll be able to count on your pod for years to come because it won’t begin to wear or tear after just a handful of uses. The waterproof ripstop fabric and reliable zippers will ensure the contents stay safe from any spills or leaks.

7. After nappies pods still have uses

So your nappy days are over but that doesn't mean you retire your nappy pod. Oh no! They are the perfect size for going swimming, days out at the beach. Store your costume, sun tan lotion, small towel, pool toys all in the one waterproof bag!