Are Cloth Nappies More Breathable Than Disposable Nappies?

Sunday, 2 January 2022

Modern cloth nappies ARE more breathable than disposable.  The outer waterproof layer is made of PUL (poly urethene laminate) which is a clever modern fabric that allows air to pass through while still remaining waterproof.  

Parents often worry that cloth is going to be warmer than disposables when actually the reverse is true. Many years ago I was told by a manufacturer that bamboo nappies are approx 5deg cooler than disposables and microfibre nappies are 2 deg cooler even when a cover is used over the top. Cloth nappy useage is far higher in Australia than in the UK and their climate is far warmer.

Below is a wonderful video I found created by Darlings Downunder which shows how breathable PUL is in comparison to the inner of disposable nappies.

Next is a great video also be Darlings Downunder that shows how wool covers are even more breathable than PUL.  Wool is exceptionally popular for night time nappies as it allows some of the urine to evaporate which is really useful for heavy wetters.


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