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Baby Proofing Ideas For Your Home

It is incredibly hard to keep your eyes on baby all the time. Once baby is moving in the few seconds it takes to answer the phone or the door they can be up to all sorts of mischief, I know mine certainly could!   For this reason we put some baby proofing into place in our home to help protect our little munchkins.  Here are my top ideas:


1. Baby gates / Stair Gates

This is a great way to keep little ones safe while they play around your home. If you have stairs, make sure you put baby gates on both the top and bottom of the steps.  Make sure you buy the right size for your house

2. Bumper pads

I placed a few of these on pointy table corners for when the children's eyes were level with the table edge. .

3. Bathroom safety

Make sure you use child-proof locks on cabinets and drawers. I also kept our nappy bucket in the bathtub when one of ours went through the inquisitive nappy bucket stage!

4. Child proof medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinets are full of potentially dangerous tablets and liquids. Make sure you lock the doors and remove anything that could be harmful.

5. Childproof door Jams

These were great squishy pieces of foam which simply sat on top of the door. They stop a door entirely closing and trapping little fingers.

6. Childproof window latches

Check out the manufacturer's instructions before using these. There may be special tools that you need to open them.

7. Childproof electricals

Outlets are a big danger for children. Make sure you turn off the power to the outlet before putting something down.


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