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Bear Bott

Bear Bott have been stocked at The Nappy Lady since November 2020 and for one of the newer brands is incredibly popular.

Here is Amy's story

"Harry, my little boy, the reason Bear Bott came to be. His future is the reason I looked into reusable nappies, whilst he was still safe and warm in my belly, kicking around and learning as he grew, I was on a learning journey of my own. Trying to do my bit for the planet... the pretty patterns got me too!

Honestly, I had no intention of using cloth nappies full-time, I wanted to use cloth nappies whilst in the house and use disposables through the night and when going out. That soon changed, disposable nappies didn’t work for us, I found myself reaching for cloth more often. Harry was three weeks old and I was using cloth nappies during the day and at night.
That doesn't mean everyone's experience will be the same, it is perfectly okay to cloth once or twice a day, daytime only, when your at home, whatever suits YOU and your family.

Every change makes a difference.

Cloth nappies for me became more than changing Harry’s Bear Bott, it was a source of comforting routine when my life changed completely upon Harry’s arrival. There is something nostalgic about seeing white nappies lined up on the washing line. I find it therapeutic stacking them up and having them sitting pretty for the next day."