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Bedwetters The Night Time Pull Up

Bedwetters The Night Time Pull Up

Unravelling the Magic of Mother Ease Bedwetters: A Comprehensive Review

If your child faces bedwetting at night, you’re likely searching for a solution that’s both effective and comfortable. Mother Ease Bedwetters are designed to meet this need, but do they live up to their promises? This article strips away the fluff, giving you a straightforward look at their performance, fit, and practicality for real-life use.

Key Takeaways

  • Motherease Bedwetter Pants are eco-friendly, reusable pull-up style pants designed for children aged 3 to 7, offering high absorbency and night-time wetting protection without the need for additional boosters.

  • Proper sizing based on weight, waist, and leg measurements is essential for the bedwetter pants to be effective and comfortable, with user feedback highlighting their bulkiness and lengthy drying time as potential drawbacks.

  • Despite their higher price point, Motherease Bedwetter Pants are praised for their durability, effectiveness for heavy wetters, and positive influence on children’s night-time dryness training, making them a worthwhile investment.

"Introduction to Motherease Bedwetter Pants"

Motherease Bedwetter Pants are designed with a specific purpose: to provide a comfortable and reliable solution for children who are potty trained during the day but may still experience bedwetting incidents at night. A pull-up style pant that boasts of super absorbency, these pants cater to children aged between 3 to 7 years, a period when most children have mastered daytime potty training but require night-time wetting protection.

What sets Motherease Bedwetter Pants apart is their eco-friendly design. Unlike disposable pull-ups, these pants are reusable, a feature that not only reduces waste but also ensures long-term savings for parents. However impressive these claims may be, their validity still needs verification. Are these pants as comfortable and absorbent as they claim to be? Does their reusable feature compromise their functionality? Let’s put these assertions to the test.

£19.99  -  £25.99

"Size and Fit Guide for Motherease Bedwetters"

A proper fit for Motherease Bedwetter Pants is critical to ensure both comfort and effectiveness. The sizes are defined by the child’s weight, waist measurements, and leg measurements. Here are the size ranges for each category:

  • XSmall: designed for children weighing 30-40 lbs, with waist sizes between 15-21 inches, and leg measurements of 10-13 inches.

  • Small: designed for children weighing 40-55 lbs, with waist sizes between 16-23 inches, and leg measurements of 12-16 inches.

  • Medium: designed for children weighing 55-65 lbs, with waist sizes between 19-26 inches, and leg measurements of 13-17 inches.

Choosing the right size is a vital step in providing a leak-free and comfortable experience for your child. After all, a well-fitted pant not only provides optimal protection but also encourages your child’s independence.

"Design Appeal and Practicality of Motherease Bedwetters"

Motherease Bedwetter Pants bring together functionality and style. The pants feature an inner layer of natural unbleached cotton terry for absorbency and a waterproof outer layer of PUL fabric, ensuring durability and long-term use. These bed wetter pants are designed with cotton to provide comfort and protection throughout the night, making them the perfect rinsed bedwetter pant solution. For best results, wash the pants on a 60deg wash setting to maintain their quality and effectiveness, and remember to turn the rinsed bedwetter pant inside out before washing.

One of the notable features of these pants is their:

  • Easy pull-up-and-down mechanics, designed to support children’s independence

  • Appealing colourful prints

  • Effectiveness for heavy wetters and older children needing extra absorbency

This product ticks all the right boxes.

Available in a selection of child-friendly designs and colours, including:

  • white

  • dinosaur

  • whale

  • dream themes

  • Nappy Lady Exclusives Prism and Pop Pop

These pants are sure to appeal to your little one’s preferences, making night time routines a tad bit easier.

Pros and Cons

Some users have reported concerns regarding the bulkiness of the pants, stating that they can be difficult to fit under pyjamas and challenging to pull up when wet.

Another factor to consider is the drying time. Due to their absorbent layers, the pants may take over two days to dry. However, turning the pants completely inside out to expose all the absorbent layers to air can speed up the drying process.

On the brighter side, the pants are recognized for aiding children’s night-time dryness training. They manage to keep the bed dry while letting the child feel the wetness, providing valuable feedback for the child.

"Absorbency Assessment of Motherease Bedwetters"

When it comes to super absorbent products, Motherease Bedwetters stands out with an impressive absorbency level of 21 oz / 625 ml. This eliminates the need for extra absorbency boosters, a feature that is often required in other brands. With the right laundry detergent, maintaining the quality and absorbency of these bedwetters is easy.

Designed specifically for the higher urine volumes produced by older children at night, these pants are highly recommended for heavy wetters and are known to sustain through the night without incidents.

User reports and reviews further attest to the absorbency, softness, and leak prevention capabilities of Motherease Bedwetters, making them a worthwhile investment for parents managing night-time bedwetting.

Testing by TNL Ambassador Lizzie

Personal experiences often provide the best insights into a product’s performance. TNL Ambassador Lizzie has shared her journey with Mother Ease Bedwetters, offering valuable tips and feedback on mother ease products.

With her children being tall and slim, Lizzie found that the XS size bedwetters were a perfect fit for her 3-year-old. The inbuilt absorbency and the absence of boosters made bedtime routines easier. The fun prints were a hit with her son, who loved the dinosaur, pop pop, and original prism designs.

Lizzie also shared some practical tips for new users of reusable nappies:

  • She recommends loose pyjamas due to the bulkiness of the nappies and emphasizes measuring the child to ensure the right size.

  • Having five pairs allows for washing every other day and drying them on an indoor line in a heated room.

  • To speed up drying, she recommends turning them completely inside out to expose all the absorbent layers and using a nappy bucket for easy storage.

Final Thoughts on Motherease Bedwetters

Considering the shared information and experiences, Motherease Bedwetter Pants prove to be a reliable solution for managing night-time bedwetting. They deliver good value for money, particularly for older children who aren’t dry at night, with their cost being justified by their performance.

While they are priced higher, there are alternatives like Bamboolik and Bright Bots that cater to different stages of potty training and bedwetting needs at varied prices.

Nonetheless, Motherease Bedwetter Pants distinguish themselves in terms of absorbency. Their unmatched performance over the years justifies their status as a sound investment, even considering the initial cost.


Motherease Bedwetter Pants offer an eco-friendly, reusable solution to night-time bedwetting. Their unique design and impressive absorbency make them a reliable choice for parents. While they may be bulkier than regular nappies and require a longer drying time, these challenges can be managed with the right practices.

Despite the higher price point, the longevity and performance of these pants make them a worthwhile investment. They cater to the specific needs of older children, offering comfort, independence, and an effective solution for night-time bedwetting.

In conclusion, Motherease Bedwetter Pants stand as a testament to the fact that sustainability and functionality can go hand in hand. They not only contribute to a greener planet but also provide children with a comfortable solution that aids their transition to night-time dryness.


Are Motherease Bedwetter Pants suitable for heavy wetters?

Yes, Motherease Bedwetter Pants are suitable for heavy wetters, as they have an absorbency level of 21 oz / 625 ml.

Is the price of Motherease Bedwetter Pants justified?

Yes, the price of Motherease Bedwetter Pants is justified due to their performance, durability, and absorbency.

What are some alternatives to Motherease Bedwetter Pants?

Consider trying Bamboolik and Bright Bots as alternatives to Motherease Bedwetter Pants for different stages of potty training and bedwetting needs. These options come at varied prices and provide different features.

How can I speed up the drying process for Motherease Bedwetter Pants?

To speed up the drying process for Motherease Bedwetter Pants, turn the pants completely inside out to expose all the absorbent layers.

Are there any tips for using Motherease Bedwetter Pants?

Make sure to use loose pyjamas with Motherease Bedwetter Pants to accommodate the bulkiness of the nappies. Take the time to measure your child for the right size.