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Bumble Nappies by Easy Peasy

Bumble Nappies by Easy Peasy

The Bumble has been a favourite at The Nappy Lady for over 17 years.

Wendy used Bumbles on all three of her children. Although the design has changed slightly (it now has an extra row of poppers) it’s essentially the same nappy that it was 20 years ago when it was first designed.

“The Bumble is fully fleece lined. If you use a separate fleece liner, with an active baby the fleece can move. This can’t happen a Bumble so you are guaranteed that it’s easy to clean the poo off. Bumbles were the nappy we put on him when we expected him to poo”
Wendy’s youngest can be seen in the image above in a Bumble popper but also using a nippa.

“I loved using a nippa and found it have the best fit, my mother-in-law preferred poppers as she found them easier. We used poppered Bumbles as this gave the best of both worlds, she used the poppers, while I ignored them and put a nippa over the top.