Buying and Selling Second Hand Nappies

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Some people are really surprised to hear that there is a very popular second hand cloth nappy market.  There is often lots of life left in them so you can sell them on at the end of your baby's need for them. Selling on your nappies means you can recoup some of the initial investment you made when buying them new, and buyers can pick up good quality nappies for a lower cost than buying new. Environmentally this is also a fantastic thing to do by keeping perfectly usable items still in circulation rather than new nappies being manufactured.

Advice for Sellers

  • Think carefully about the price you ask for them: check out current retail prices to give you a guide. People normally won't buy second hand if they can buy new for only a few pounds more.  
  • See what prices other people have sold for second hand, not just asking price actual sold price.
  • Don't forget to consider postage in the total price you charge.
  • When you post items, make sure you send recorded and get a free certificate of postage. If your your parcel gets lost in the post you'll need to reimburse the purchaser and make a claim against Royal Mail.
  • Take lots of photos and be as clear as possible in your description, to avoid any confusion further down the process.

Advice for Buyers

  • Check the condition of the nappies carefully with the seller. If buying online, check photos and get a detailed description of the nappies and any wear and tear.
  • How many children have the nappies have been used on? The more children the less life will be left in them.
  • How have they been washed?
  • Check out the prices of the nappies if you buy new and consider the cost of postage. Often buying new you get free shipping over a certain amount. If you buy one or two nappies here and there from different sellers the shipping can soon add up.

For sellers and buyers, always pay via PayPal so you are both protected.


Where to buy and sell?

There is a very active buying and selling market on Facebook so have a look at the many selling groups available. The Nappy Lady has our own Facebook group where you can buy and sell your preloved nappies for free.  We are not responsible for the condition of the nappies or details of the sale but provide a group where we're refer people to.

You could also try local Marketplace or Gumtree pages online, or if you'd prefer to buy and sell in person to see the nappies first, many areas host 'baby and children's market' events or similar.

Don't forget to regularly check our own sale clearance page. We sell on our retired hire kit nappies as well as seconds for very reasonable prices.  You can easily get a whole system at a much cheaper cost plus we offer free shipping over a varying value.

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