Buying and Selling Second Hand Nappies

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Some people are really surprised to hear that there is a very popular second hand cloth nappy market.  Cloth nappies aren't cheap so at the end of your babies need for them it's time to recoup some money.

Once you've finished with your nappies unlike disposables there is often lots of life left in them so you can sell them on.  Environmentally this is a fantastic thing to do but also helps families that might not be able to afford new cloth nappies.   

Advice for Sellers
Think carefully about the price you ask for them, check out current rrp prices to give you a guide.  People normally won't buy second hand if they can buy new for only a few pounds more.  

See what prices other people have sold for second hand (not just asking price actual sold price)

Don't forget to consider postage, Royal Mail now charge by parcel size and this can catch people out.

When you post items make sure you send recorded and get a free certificate of postage. If your your parcel gets lost in the post you'll need to reinburse the purchaser and make a claim against Royal Mail.

Advice for Buyers
Check the condition of the nappies carefully with the seller. If this is over the internet see if you can get photos and detailed description of the nappies and any wear and tear.

Check how many children the nappies have been used on. The more children the less life will be left in them.

How have they been washed?

Check out the prices of the nappies if you buy new and consider the cost of postage. Often buying new you get free shipping over a certain amount (£25 at The Nappy Lady). If you buy one or two nappies here and there from different sellers the shipping can soon add up.

Always pay via paypal.

Where to buy?
We have a Facebook group where you can buy and sell your "preloved" nappies for free.  We are not responsible for the condition of the nappies or details of the sale but provide a group where we're refer people to.   Follow the link below:

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