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Can You Do EC From Newborn?

Can You Do EC From Newborn?

EC from newborn

Of course having a newborn can be hectic and overwhelming, but in some ways it’s easiest to start elimination communication (EC) from birth or early newborn. Babies are born with the instinct not to soil themselves - how many times have you heard of babies who seemingly wait until their nappy is off to wee or poo on the change mat? Also, under 2 or 3 months of age, holding baby in a squat position stimulates a reflex to empty their bladder and open their bowels.

Harness Natural Instinct

This means that when starting EC from birth or a few weeks old, you can harness their natural instinct to start catching some wees and poos over a top hat potty, a sink, or anything you like really. It is helpful use a consistent sign, language and/or cue noises each time, as this builds foundations for communication around toileting in future, and other communication between you and baby.

Top Hat Potties

A top hat potty is specially designed for use with newborns and younger babies. It is not meant to be used on the floor like a standard potty, but to be held under baby, who is supported by your arms and/or body. It has a flat base so you can set it down somewhere during cleanup. Take a look at The Nappy Lady's Traditional Top Hat Potty  or for extra security with a baby boy, the EasyPisi Top Hat Potty

For a newborn you’ll use a modified version of the EC hold, that allows you to support their head. You cradle them with their back along your forearm and their head in the crook of your elbow. Your hand holds the potty under their bottom, and the rim of the potty supports their legs. You can even breastfeed in this position if you are breastfeeding, or bottle feed, as taking in milk also stimulates their bladder and bowels to move.

Night Gowns

Sleep gowns can be really handy for easy and frequent access when practising EC, during the day as well as night! The Nappy Lady stocks some lovely gowns by Piccalilly

Give It A Go

It’s not necessary to try and catch absolutely every wee or poo - they go SO often as newborns! You may find it's easiest to keep up momentum by making it a regular part of your daily routine - offering at every nappy change, for example. However, you will still see benefits even if you’re just offering once or a couple of times a day, as long as you do so consistently.

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