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Christmas Gifts That Might Encourage Your Baby To Crack Their First Smile!

It’s your baby’s first Xmas and they’ll be no more than a few weeks old when the big day arrives.   We all know that they’d be just as happy with a cardboard box at this tender age, than a costly Christmas gift, but will you? This is probably the last time that Christmas is s going to be about you, as well as them, so Hippychick, a specialist in gifts and essentials for newborns, have unveiled their Christmas gift edit for newborns that are guaranteed to push your buttons.  And you never know, they might even encourage your baby to crack that first smile too.  Here’s dreaming……..

Nattou Mini Doudou - Nattou Mini Doudou Luna the Giraffe - Hippychick

Cuddly, soft, velvety and tactile.  This might take you back to those younger days when a comforter was all you ever needed to make you feel safe and secure.  And a Nattou doudou is made just for those moments.  Available in a choice of gloriously stylish colour pallets to suit the soft, calming hues of the nursery, these beautiful comforters are poised to become your baby’s best friend, (as well as yours) for many years to come. £17.50


Dena Rainbow - Dena Rainbow Play Sets - Hippychick

Every baby’s nursery needs a Dena Rainbow.  Not only does it look good and shine bright with its vibrant colours, it can also play a role in your baby’s healthy development. Babies can use Dena in any way they wish – they can grip it, throw it, suck it and wave it – all activities which will help to develop their motor skills.  Made from a premium, food grade silicone, Dena can also be used as a teething aid.  Simply pop it in the fridge before use.  From £13.50


Nattou Piu Piu - Nattou Piu Piu Ochre - Hippychick

These extraordinary creatures have always been the subject of intense fascination but even more so after the wonderful film, My Octopus Teacher.  Let’s continue to ensure these creatures remain part of our planet by learning to love and respect them.  And there’s no better place to start nurturing that love than with Piu Piu, the baby Octopus.  Suitable from birth onwards, this beautifully tactile toy with velvety textured tentacles, designed to emulate the feel of the umbilical cord, is a soothing and flexible toy that will comfort your child through their first year.  Choose from a range of gorgeous colours including ochre yellow. £19.95


myHummy - myCuddly Sleep Aid | Suitable From Birth | Hippychick

This is truly a toy that’s for you as well as for your baby.  Perhaps the most difficult part of parenting in the early days is sleep deprivation and anything that help you grab an extra few minutes will be your best Christmas gift ever – trust us.  myHummy toys are fitted with an ingenious sleep sensor, which emits ‘white noise’ a sound that baby has been used to in the womb and which will help to soothe and send a baby back to sleep when they stir.  myCuddly is shaped like a newborn comforter, especially created for newborns and for first time cuddles. Also available with Bluetooth option. From £49.95

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