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Colour Run Accidents

Colour Run Accidents

It happens to plenty of people: a stray sock, new flannel or pair of jeans in with the nappies makes everything come out a different colour!

Bear in mind that colour run accidents will eventually fade with time and washing. If you want to try to remove the colour run, you can usually do so from nappies, but once aplix or velcro stains, it is pretty much permanent although will fade with time.

If you have new, coloured fitted nappies, make sure you give them a first wash on their own at the temperature the care label advises, to get any loose dye out.

A customer sent in the following tip, based on her own experience:

"I handwashed a pair of blue trousers I knew would run and then spun then in the washer before hanging them out to dry. Little did I realise the washer retained lots of dye in its system. So my next batch of nappies came out a perfect blue!

I went into a complete panic and tried various things to get it out: re-washing, soaking in Napisan, Dylon stain remover, all to no avail. I didn't try bleach as I thought it would be too harsh on the material [good idea - bleach should always be avoided]. I was becoming resigned to the fact that they were going to stay blue. Then, in the supermarket, I spotted 'Dr Beckmann Rescue Colour Run Remover'. I rushed home to try it and voila, perfect white nappies! Hooray!"

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