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Comparing Top Hat Potties

A top hat potty is specially designed for use with newborns and younger babies. It is not meant to be used on the floor like a standard potty, but to be held under baby, who is supported by your arms and/or body. It has a flat base so you can set it down somewhere during cleanup. The Nappy Lady stocks a few different types, so which is best for you?

Top Hat Potty Options

  • The Nappy Lady Traditional Top Hat Potty in size Small is perfect for EC from birth, as it's the smallest top hat potty stocked, with a smooth rim ideal for fresh newborn skin.


  • The W-Free Top Hat Potty is great for a slightly bigger baby, from a few months old. It's wider and deeper, allowing baby to sink in a little further, and has a "handle" on the side to make it easier to hang on to the potty tightly.


  • The EasyPisi Top Hay Potty is the ideal choice for EC with a baby boy, due to the high splashguard. Something less to worry about!!


  • The EasyPisi Anti Slip Silicone Strap is available for when you are at the stage of holding the potty between your thighs while supporting a small baby over the top. It fits around the EasyPisi potty to help you grip the potty between your legs more easily with a more mobile baby, providing a bit of added peace of mind

For all the top hat potties, there are covers available in cotton or wool, to cover the rim of the potty and help keep baby feeling more comfortable if they are sensitive to the cold material of the potty. IT's worth getting multiple so that you can have one or two in the wash when needed!

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