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Do you use talcum powder with real nappies?

A common question we get asked is do you need to use talcum powder with real nappies?

The simple answer is NO!

I have never ever used talcum powder or baby powder on any of my children it's just not required for reusable nappies or disposble nappies and there are questions about it's long term safety.

What is baby powder made of?

Talcum powder is a naturally occurring mineral  mined from the earth and is composed of magnesium,  silicon, oxygen and hydrogen.

What is baby powder used for?

Baby powder absorbs moisture and reduces skin on skin friction which can help prevent nappy rash.

Is talcum powder safe?

The latest recommendations are not to use baby powder as babies don't really need it and it can sometimes irritate sensitive skin.  It can also be harmful to little ones if a lot is inhaled and there has been concern over long term use of talcum powder near the bikini line or genital area and it may put women at higher risk of ovarian cancer.

How to prevent nappy rash?

-Change nappies frequently

-Have nappy free time and allow baby's bottom to air at nappy changes

-Use natural washable wipes rather than disposable wipes which contain irritating chemicals

- Consider a natural nappy cream such as Weleda if baby has very sensitive skin.