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Easy Reusable Swaps For Use With A Newborn

Committing to cloth nappies with a newborn can be daunting. Especially if it’s your first! Many parents start off with disposable nappies while they adjust to their new baby.

BUT there are a couple of easy reusable swaps you can still make from the very beginning to take care of our planet �� even if you’re not going straight for cloth nappies. Reusable breast pads and reusable wipes both slot really easily into life with a newborn! They can just go in the wash with all the baby clothes you’ll suddenly be washing, and just need a quick rinse cycle before the main wash - which you will likely be doing anyway now there’s so much poo, wee and vomit to wash off everything (sorry to break it to you…)

�� Many people find reusable breast pads are actually more comfortable and breathable than disposable. The Nora breast pads are a generous size, have a dry-feel lining and are shaped to be less visible under clothes.

�� Reusable/cloth wipes, simply wet with water, are gentle on a newborn’s delicate skin. They are also MUCH more effective at cleaning bums, you’ll generally only need one per nappy change, unlike disposable wipes! Both the TNL Premium and Petite Crown Bamboo Velour wipes have one super soft side that is ideal for those first wipes for a new bum.

These may seem like small changes, but every little helps!!

Written by Nappy Lady Ambassador Aki MacFarlane