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Elimination Communication Basic Overview

Elimination Communication Basic Overview

Have you heard of EC, or elimination communication?

A more descriptive name for it is baby pottying, and it just means offering your baby options other than a nappy for weeing or pooing (aka eliminating).

It’s not as “out there” or intense or unachievable as it sounds.

Here’s some basics:

First, to clear up a common misconception, it is not a potty training method in and of itself (although it can lead to potty training starting earlier and wrapping up more easily/quickly)! it is enabling your baby to wee/poo outside their nappy, and doing this through clear consistent communication with baby. 

The communication can be words, signs, sounds and/or actions - literally putting them over a potty is communicating to them that this is an option! 

You can start with a baby of any age.

From birth it is more about getting baby into a good position and working with their innate instincts.

Starting from a few months onward it’s about familiarising them with another toileting option (other than a nappy) and can take some time to “click” 

It does not have to be all or nothing! Very very few people will do EC without using nappies as a back-up - despite what you may see in some tabloid articles…!

You can EC very responsively and try to catch most, right through to just sitting them on a potty once a day when it suits you and hoping for the best! 

You don’t need special equipment to give it a go, just a toilet or normal potty or even a flowerbed if you’re out(!) However you can use specially designed nappies and clothes to make things easier, or top hat potties which are ideal for newborn pottying.