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Family Cloth

Did you know cloth wipes aren't just for babies?

You can also use them for the rest of the family, instead of toilet paper or moist toilet wipes. This is sometimes known as "family cloth".

You may wonder why not use toilet paper, however it's been estimated that around 27,000 trees are cut down every day to make toilet paper. The manufacturing process has also been estimated to require around 170 litres of water per roll.

Cloth wipes are easy to use instead of toilet roll. You can store them in a box (like the Cheeky Wipes in the photo) or any other basket or small container in your bathroom. After use you can put them in a wet bag, or even a bucket as you would a cloth nappy.

As with wipes for your baby, you can pre-wet them if you want, but storing dry and then wetting under the tap when needed works well. Washing family cloth is the same as nappies, so you can add them to your nappy wash.

If you aren't using nappies, the wipes should go through a rinse cycle first, and then can be added to any other wash. Have you tried family cloth or are you considering the change?