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How Do You Fit A Motherease Airflow Wrap

How Do You Fit A Motherease Airflow Wrap

Some of our most popular wraps here at TNL are Motherease Airflows but do you know what to look for when putting these on your baby?

Unlike other wraps, Airflows should be loose around the legs, allowing the air to flow. You should easily be able to run your finger around the legs gaps as you can see in the image above.  At the waist the wrap should be fitted so it's not loose and falling down but not too tight it's cutting in - think how your own underwear fits, this is how the waist of the airflow shoud be.

The looser cut makes the wrap very breathable and cool for baby. It also means there is plenty of room between the nappy and wrap, minimising the risk of leaks, so they are super reliable.

That reliability means Airflows work well over any two parter, but the loose cut means they are particularly great over bulky, well boosted night nappies or over terry nappies. The sizing does run a little small and, particularly if baby has chunky thighs, you will need to size up.

If you are struggling with fit, or getting leaks, from your wraps or nappies, you can fill out TNL's troubleshooting questionnaire:

Written by Wendy The Nappy Lady and Nappy Lady Ambassador Ruth Richmond