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How to dry your nappies in winter

How to dry your nappies in winter

Wondering how to dry your nappies now that there are fewer opportunities to hang nappies outside to dry?

Our ambassador Liam Lebeter talks about how he's managing with the change in weather.

Firstly, always make sure you follow the guidance of your nappy manufacturer - it really does vary from nappy to nappy, some brands can even be tumble dried, but do check your instructions very carefully before you do so.

We dry our nappies on a clothes airer about 30cm-45cm away from a radiator to benefit from the warmth but without the risk of direct heat damage.

In order for nappies to dry effectively, make sure that they are hung in a way that allows effective airflow - not bunched closely together or pockets and inserts still stuffed - even if you use all in one nappies try to open them up as much as you can to speed up the drying time so you can get them back on the bum quicker.

In our short time using cloth with Max we have discovered a handy hack of using the washing tabs on our velcro nappies to hang the nappies to save fumbling around for pegs!

We really rate our recent purchase of a second-hand dehumidifier! We use this when the heating is on and overnight too, to pull the moisture out of the air. In theory this helps the nappies to dry quicker and importantly prevents any damp building up in our home, which can occur when drying washing inside. Another way to help reduce damp and condensation is to leave a window open a little to allow moisture out and fresh air in.

It really saves us time with our cloth wipes if we place some from each clean wash straight into our wipes box ready for the next change, and hang the rest up to dry as usual.