How To Stop Disposable Nappies Leaking

Sunday, 26 April 2015

There is a common myth that cloth nappies leak more than disposables however those of that use cloth know the opposite is true.

We get many disposable nappy users come to us asking for help to stop their disposable nappy poo explosions or night time wee leaks.  We'd love everyone to change to cloth but if that isn't an option for some families we do have steps to help them use their disposables more reliably.

Preventing Poo Explosions
To help prevent poo explosions we recommend you use a Motherease airflow cover over the top of your disposable nappy. This effectively gives you a two part nappy system; disposable nappy inside with its weaker elastic but then a second barrier of poo defense with the ultra reliable and excellent quality elastic of the Motherease wrap. The airflow is the best wrap to use as it's a wide generous cut and deep enough to cover all the disposable nappy.

Preventing Night Time Wee Leaks
When disposable night time nappies leak urine it's usually not the fit that is wrong but just that the disposable nappy has reached it's capacity, they don't hold an infinite amount.  A disposable nappy holds a lot (as does a good cloth nappy) but once the maximum capacity is reached and the chemical gels inside are full the next wee will leak out. Parents who come to use with this night time problem often think that using a waterproof cover will be the solution. IT'S NOT!  The wrap isn't for damming the urine in and the waterproofing on the disposable isn't failing it's just that the nappy can't hold enough for the child.  ABSORBENCY IS THE PROBLEM NOT WATERPROOFING!
The solution is nappy boosters!  Putting an additional cloth nappy booster inside the disposable nappy will increase the level of absorbency and the leaks will stop, if you want you can put a Motherease cover over the top but it's not usually needed. We recommend you use the Little Weed or bum boosters  both made of hemp inside your disposables at night as each booster holds approx 300ml so they are highly absorbent but can also be easily folded to fit inside the disposable. 
In the morning you throw away the disposable as normal and the booster is put in the wash. You don't have to put a special wash on it can be washed with normal household laundry, dried and used again. We normally find parents buy 4-5 of the night time boosters for use with disposables to allow for washing every couple of days plus drying time.

If you have any questions or would like any assistance with your nappies our advice team is always available to help. Fill in our troubleshooting support request form below.

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