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My Carry Potty Review

My Carry Potty Review

I was sent the My Carry Potty to try out with my 2 year old who is just starting to ask to use the potty.

Make potty training fun and exciting!

At first I must admit that I was a little dubious as I hadn't used these on my previous children but I loved the fun patterns and I was excited to give it a go. My daughter chose the Dinosaur My Carry Potty. There were other brightly coloured adorable animal designs which children will love immediately but there is also a stylish pastel range that would compliment any bathroom scheme.

Easy to transport

I found our My Carry Potty really easy to transport which is great for us as my daughter's childcare is split between preschool and family so it's easy to take out and about. As she uses the same potty everywhere there is consistency for her. It's light, and small enough (and has such a fun design) for little hands to carry around giving my little one a sense of pride and independence.


We went pumpkin picking for Halloween and we saw many other families carrying them too. I now seem to spot them everywhere. If you didn't know what they were you would think they were just a lunchbox or toy container!

Using on Days Out

My Carry Potty is a real aide when you don't have quick and easy access to a clean toilet. Much easier than using the dreaded portaloos or maybe the toilets at the beach or park aren't regularly cleaned or roomy. The toilets in a park in our area don't even have seats! They just have the main metal toilet bowl which is cold, grimy and is no fun trying to balance a toddler on.

They are a nice convenient way to have a potty with you. If you take a normal potty to the park there is always the issue of getting rid of wee discretely or checking which way the wind is blowing when you empty it!

Zero Leaks

I was sceptical if it really would stay leak free but the secure locking system keeps the waste inside until you're ready to empty it. The potty is so secure that when it first arrived I had to check I was trying to open it right as it is a snug seal. My little one has put the potty thoroughly to the test and we have had zero leaks with it.

If you're out and little one needs a poo just close up the potty and deal with it at home. Much easier than trying to find a bin (which isn't the right place for human waste anyway).


I found it very easy to empty out and plop the poo down the toilet. It's super easy to wipe clean. Before I received it I was concerned about cleaning the seal and keeping that hygienic but I worried needlessly as it's incredibly easy to wipe over.

Now a family essential

The weather has put a real damper on all our outdoor adventures over the last few months but the My Carry Potty will be coming with us for all our exploring once the spring/summer comes, it will be coming with us to festivals and camping. It's been a great addition to our potty training journey and I'm beginning to wonder why I never got one with the other children!  It's become an essential piece of equipment!

By Roisin Nappy Lady Advisor


Can I take My Carry Potty On A Plane?

My Carry Potty is used by many families for little ones when travelling at the airport or on holidays for convenience when potty training and beyond. My Carry Potty can be taken on a plane, but in some cases a vacuum can occur due to the pressure on the plane which can make it stiff to open. My Carry Potty recommend leaving the potty slightly open on a plane to prevent this from happening. Full information is included in the care and safety guide provided with the potty.