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Nappy Fitting Guides for Nurseries & Childcare Providers

Nappy Fitting Guides for Nurseries & Childcare Providers

Please find below guides for you to print and provide to your nursery or childcare setting to help them get the nappy fit just right. Fitting reusable nappies isn't hard but if your child care provider hasn't used them before our Nappy Lady guides should give them the key points they need to consider. We cover the main points on fitting an all in one nappy but this also applies to a pocket or all in two system. Plus fitting a two part system of nappy and Airflow wrap.




TNL's Fitted Nappy Fitting Guide

TNL's Nappy Wrap Fitting Guide


TNL's Airflow Wrap Fitting Guide


Popper Guide

Visit our Nursery Poppers Template which is free to download. Print this off and colour in the poppers that your child is currently using on their nappies for a quick simple visual for nursery.