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3 CommentsTuesday, 24 June 2014

Nappies are put through a lot of hard work given the average baby goes through 5500 nappies from birth to potty so over time parts begin to show wear and tear.  Velcro can begin to loose it's stick (although make sure it's not just clogged with fluff) and elastics will gradually soften over time and you might find if this happens that the fit is a bit looser on subsequent children.

How quickly nappies wear differs by brand (cheaper nappies will wear out quicker) and how you look after them - soaking, bleaching, biological detergent, tumbledrying, excess heat will all wear fabrics quicker (none of these things are required or recommended for use with your nappies ).

If your nappies are beginning to show signs of wear this doesn't mean that your nappies are destined for the fabric recycling bank, they can be repaired and given a new lease of life.  We sell bumgenius refresher kits which contain replacement elastics and replacement velcro tabs.

There are many videos on you tube on how to repair nappy elastics and i've been told if you're ok with a needle and thread it's fiddly but quite simple to do.  I'm terrible with sewing (I use badge glue for all my kids scouting badges as i got all knotted the first and only time i tried to sew one on) so I've never personally attempted nappy repairs but we have many customers that successfully have.  If you're like me however there are small work at home Mum companies that will carry out the repairs for you.  The following companies are not linked with or endorsed by The Nappy Lady but have been recommended by our customers. 

We recommend any nappies you post for repair are sent via tracked and insured (or at least with a free certificate of posting) both ways in case they get lost in the post.

Fluffy Fix

Sunday, 2 September 2018  |  17:37

Hi Wendy,
We've been using the Bambino Mio prefolds for nearly 2 years now and gotten along fairly well. However in the past couple of months the cover wraps just don't seem to be waterproof any more! My friend said that it's just wear and tear after months of use and washing. Also I was washing with Ecover non bio which apparently isn't recommended? Have I really over washed or damaged the covers and is there any way to get them back to newish condition to avoid leaks and seepage?!
Many thanks!

Thursday, 23 May 2019  |  15:51

Sorry not to have better news but it does sound like the wraps need replacing.

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