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Nora Reusable Menstrual Products

When it comes to your period, Nora have got you covered.

First we have the Nora Full Brief Period Underwear which come in both a Moderate Flow (80ml) and a Heavy Flow (115ml) option. They are 95% cotton so they are really soft and comfortable, and they have a microfibre absorbent core. Even the moderate flow will absorb much more than a standard disposable pad (the equivalent of 2 of them, actually).

The Nora Full Briefs are a high-waisted fit which makes them quite comfortable, especially if you are bloated. The actual pants part is very stretchy which means you can easily fold down the waist if you are wearing trousers or a skirt so they don’t peak out unwantedly.

Our ambassador, Emily, said, “when going out and about with these period pants, I used CSP inside of the period pants for a few hours and then instead of changing the CSP out, I just removed it and stored it in a little bag. Then I was able to use the period pants for the rest of the time which made it really easy and comfortable for me for the rest of my evening”.

They are pretty true to size however Emily said that because she is usually smaller than a size 8, she was hesitant to order the size 8 in the Nora Pants (the smallest size they come in). However, the size 8 fit really well on her and she found them nice and comfy, but also secure and able to do their job.

Another Nora option is their Try Me Pack.  It is a really good option for those who are new to CSP and are not sure which types they should invest in, and how many. 


The Try Me Pack includes one of each of the following: 

  • a liner: can absorb up to 15ml and is 17cm long
  • a light option: can absorb up to 15ml and is 19cm long
  • a moderate option: can absorb up to 25ml and is 25cm long
  • a heavy option: can absorb up to 70ml and is 29cm long

Ambassadors Thoughts

Our ambassador, Emily, said, “it was really convenient for me to try all the different lengths and absorbencies throughout my flow. I preferred the heavy option for the second day of my period, and it also makes a good night-time option because of its length.”

Each pad has a soft, honeycomb stay dry top later to keep you feeling comfortable throughout the day. They are also shaped well to contour your body and follow the curve of your underwear. The CSP clasp on very easily with a single popper which keeps them from moving around as you go about your day. One of the really nice features of the Nora pads is that they have an elastic band which you can use to store them folded easily. I’ve never seen this feature on other CSP and I think this is a really nice, standout feature. 

Nora state that their CSP can last up to a decade (an estimated 150 washes) which means they are a great investment and also save a lot of disposable pads from going to landfill. 

One nice thing about the Try Me Pack is that it comes with a ittle storage bag. This bag has 2 pockets, one larger pocket which has a zip closure at the top, and then a smaller front pocket which has a popper closure.

The Try Me Pack is a great option for teens as it comes in cute patterns but it also works really well for “mature” adults as well.