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Petite Crown

Petite Crown is a small business based in California US. It is run by Mari who provides premium quality cloth nappies.

They are dedicated to empowering the eco-friendly parenthood in style. Petite Crown was founded in 2018 based on the strong belief that no parents should struggle to afford necessities. For every product purchased, they donate one cloth diaper to a family in need through our Fluff and Beyond program.

Products feature stylish and practical designs with materials that can confidently be recommend. and that Mari uses herself. She strives to make her products as eco-friendly as possible, using natural materials and waterproof fabric that are made of 100% polyester with thermally laminated TPU.

The Petite Crown Story

Wanting To Help, Not Knowing How

My first summer in college, I took all my savings from my part-time job and traveled to Kolkata, India to volunteer at an orphanage. I shared countless laughter and tears with the children and the local caregivers, which made unforgettable memories that I cherish to this day. However, at the end of my nearly 3-months long stay, I realized that my experience, although extremely rewarding, was no more than a college student's feel-good/self-discovery trip.

The orphanage relied heavily on the volunteers. The turnover rate was simply too high, and there was no sustainable system to ensure the consistent care for the children. Regardless of my intentions, I too was just another person who came and left, in those children's eyes. As I went home to continue my study in the comfortably air-conditioned classroom, their needs for clean baby products, food, clothing, good health, and education persisted. I was frustrated.

The poverty is very real in every part of this world, whether you see it or not. People struggle to afford the simple necessities every day. I wanted to help those in need in a sustainable way, but for a long time, I didn't know how to contribute other than making donations whenever I could.

Why Nappies?

Fast forward to a few years, I married the man of my dreams and had a baby boy. A casual chat with my grandmother led to my decision to cloth diaper my son, and it has been the best decision ever for so many reasons. It felt good knowing that I kept some disposable diapers from going to the landfill, and it really was not that much more work. I became so passionate that I started sharing my cloth diapering experience on social media in hopes of raising awareness. This journey has also educated me on how there are millions of low-income families just within the U.S., who struggle to afford the necessities such as diapers.

Passion Meets Purpose

After some time, I started wondering. What if most parents are using disposables only because it never occurred to them to use cloth diapers, or haven't learned how easy and fun it can be? Maybe I could help make cloth diapering a casual option for all parents by creating quality and stylish diapers, and connect it to helping the families in need through a give-back program. There are so many amazing organizations (i.e. Jake's Diapers) where I could make long-term contributions.

So I put together my ideas and made countless prototypes. I also reached out to the local experienced cloth diapering parents for their insightful feedback. After months of trial and error, Petite Crown, was born!