Prewashing Cloth Nappies

Sunday, 31 January 2021

It is very important that you prewash your nappies before you use them. If you don't prewash them, they will not be absorbent enough and they will leak. Just like your new bathroom towels which don't really dry you properly until they've been through the wash! We recommend that you prewash them twice before use. This can be done at 30/40 degrees centigrade and you only need minimal detergent. There is no need to dry the nappies in between the two prewashes.

The nappies will reach their full absorbency by around 8-10 washes, but 2 prewashes is enough to get started. It isn't economical to run 10 special wash cycles just for your new nappies, so either put them in with your household laundry, or you can start using the nappies after the first 2 washes just plan to change a bit more frequently the first few times.

If you have coloured nappies and/or wraps you should wash dark/strong colours separately to whites/lights in case of colour running, as not all items are colourfast. While one item in a brand might be, some others aren't. You need to prewash all absorbent parts of your nappy system; these parts include nappies, boosters and muslins. You don't need to prewash wraps or fleece liners to build absorbency, but they'll benefit from one wash to rinse away any manufacturing residue.

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