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Reusable Nappies At Nursery/Childminders

Frequently Asked Questions: Using Reusables at Nursery/Childminders’

❓What types of nappies should I send in?
✅Send whichever nappies you have, but try and keep it simple and perhaps send similar ones so once they get the fit right, they can be consistent (for example, all Bambino Mios, or all pockets, etc.) Some people make instructional videos or PDF handouts that explain how to use the nappy and get the best fit for your little one.

❓How will they deal with the dirty nappies?
✅Each place is different but generally you’ll want them to roll the nappy up and place in a wet bag you provide. Some will put each nappy in an individual bag, some will dispose of any ploppable poop first, so this part might be up for debate with the childcare provider.

❓What about wipes?
✅You should be able to also send in reusable wipes but it’s good to speak with those who work there to find out what’s the best way. You might send them in dry and they’ll wet them as they go, or you might send them wet in a container and they’ll just toss the used wipes in with the dirty nappy.

❓What if they’ve never used them before?
✅ Many places are happy to give them a try although some can be reluctant. If you make it very simple and streamlined, you can take a lot of the hard work out of it. Some people prefer to send Velcro nappies because they’re very comparable to disposables. In the end, try and be flexible, you might surprise them! What are your tips for sending your little one to childcare with reusables? 
Photo by Nappy Lady Ambassador Emily Perretti