The Nappy Lady Ltd

Starting Out With Cloth

"It sounds like so much work, not for a newborn, why would you bother?"

These were just some of the responses I got when I first mentioned that I was thinking of using reusable nappies. I started doing tons and tons of research into types, the different washing routines, the drying routines and fell down this rabbit hole of information, mixed messages and complicated advice. Having NEVER clothed before with my older two I really didn't know where to begin and felt so completely overwhelmed by all the choices out there
Then I discovered The Nappy Lady thanks to my Instagram community and other #clothbummums. One short questionnaire and a chat with some cloth mums later I hesitantly put some Bimbles and Nappi Nippas into my basket and hoped it would work out. 10 weeks into this journey, I can firmly say, nay scream, to anyone umming and ahhing over cloth nappies, " IT'S REALLY NOT THAT HARD!!!". Honestly the first time I read the word Nappi Nippa I thought to myself "what barbaric sounding device is this" and now I absolutely love my Nippas! They are part of my favourite cloth bum routine; a Bimble and a Motherease Airflow wrap. It has kept many poonamis at bay and gives an excellent custom fit for my baby
This photo is the first time I put the nappy on with a Nippa and thought to myself, "WOW, I'm getting better at this!" Is this the best example? No, and that's okay. Much like life, your cloth journey will change as your baby grows. You'll learn to love things and not get on so well with others and that's half the fun of it. Is it extra work? Marginally in the beginning but that passes
Having put 2 kids through 2+ years of disposables, I can firmly say I'd never go back. Not even for the newborn phase. Cloth nappies are a thousand times better. Better for your pocket, the environment and for your baby. What you need is a helping hand and that's exactly what the team at TNL are here to do.

We are grateful to Dr Kiran Rahim, MBBS. MRCPCH for providing this article. Find her at The Munching Medic.