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Teddy Nappies The Quick Drying Nappy For Winter

Are you worried about drying cloth nappies in winter?

I used Teddy nappies on my own children.  Across the years I had 2 or 3 in nappies at the same time and no tumble drier.  The rapid drying speed of the Teddys meant i never ran out of nappies.

Teddy nappies are super soft and incredibly quick drying. Microfibre is a synthetic 100% polyester fabric which is designed in such a way as to be very absorbent but extremely quick-drying - I do not exaggerate when I say that the nappy is practically dry when it comes out of the washing machine.

Teddies are slightly longer than other nappies. We have had poppers added onto the main body of the nappy so it is more versatile and can be adapted for smaller babies, but it can still be a bit big for very small babies.

Each nappy comes with a loose daytime booster. The booster is separate to speed drying further but also to allow the nappy to be made slimmer if required.

The nappies have long wings which you are able to overlap and fasten with the Aplix. This makes the Teddy very good for skinny and chubby babies. There are fold back laundry tabs on the wings to prevent aplix hooks sticking to other nappies in the wash; this makes sorting your nappy washing much quicker. If you always remember to fold the tabs back, the aplix will last a very long time.

The Teddy nappy fabric always stays soft even in hard water areas. These nappies are ideal when you don`t have a tumble dryer or have limited drying facilities.


Wendy The Nappy Lady

Photo by Nappy Lady Ambassador Katy Warner Smith