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Using Wool Leggings As A Wool Nappy Wrap

Using Wool Leggings As A Wool Nappy Wrap


Wool soakers (also called longies, woolies, shorties and soakers) are nappy covers made from 100% wool designed to be worn over Flat, Fitted, Prefold reusable nappies. Wool soakers are usually made from Merino wool and are extremely soft, breathable, and naturally antibacterial.

The wonderful thing about wool soakers is that they can absorb up to one-third of their own weight in water and as they are extremely breathable they can be worn in both warm and cold months day and night.

When using Longies you don't need any other pants on top. Easy and convenient when cloth nappying plus very comfortable for the child.

Disana Wool Leggings as a Wool Nappy Wrap

Disana wool leggings are suitable for use as wool nappy covers over a fitted nappy, while also acting as warm, snuggly trousers for little legs.

The organic wool leggings work as a wool wrap by the wool absorbing urine from the nappy underneath, which are then neutralised by the natural lanolin in wool.  If the leggings get damp, just hang them out to dry.

Thanks to the natural self-cleaning function of the wool fibres, the trousers are left hygienically clean.  If the wool longies - leggings get soiled or start leaking, then you will need to wash it and relanolise as below.

Water Resistant

Please remember wool is water resistant rather than waterproof so if your little one is a heavy wetter and is going to be sitting or in a sling the pressure of a really wet nappy could leak to a damp wool wrap.

Lanolise Before First Use

Disana Wool leggings are sold lanolised, but through customer feedback we find they need lanolising again prior to use.

Please lanolise before first use to waterproof the wool or they will not work.  We recommend doing this three times before use to create a great "barrier" but, to be honest, most people don't. You will need to repeat about once a month.

Plastic Free Choice

Wool soakers make an excellent plastic free wrap and pair of leggings in one! No plastic poppers, Velcro or zips.


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