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What is the Happy Nappy Duo?


Go Green in the pool with Splash About’s new Happy Nappy DUO swim nappy!

Splash About’s Happy Nappy
swim nappy is worn by over 150,000 babies and toddlers every week in swimming classes.

In fact, it’s the de facto swim nappy recommended by baby swim schools and British Standard Guidelines for Baby Swimming due to its award-winning shape. It has specialist waist and thigh bands designed to prevent unwelcome leaks of solids, giving parents time to exit the pool for the changing rooms if needed.


The Happy Nappy is reliable, reusable, eco-friendly and loved by parents! However, for quite a while now, baby swim schools have insisted upon a ‘double nappy system’ for extra protection to keep pool water clean. This typically has parents reaching for a disposable swim nappy to wear under the Happy Nappy negating any of its eco credentials.

Code Brown

Baby swim schools can’t risk a ‘code brown’ incident because it means they must cancel swimming classes, drain and clean the pool then refill and heat the water. This is an unnecessary expense that no pool can afford in today’s economic climate.

Splash About’s new Happy Nappy DUO is a 2-in-1 swim nappy and it’s the first reusable swim nappy on the market, which is approved by UK baby swim schools for wear without a second nappy underneath.

The DUO is the same Happy Nappy parents know and love, but the difference is inside...

The DUO has a Silver Lining; the naturally anti-bacterial silver is soothing on baby skin but importantly it enhances the action of the chlorine, breaking down any faecal bacteria present in the nappy and rendering it harmless. So now when it mixes with water or urine and leaks into the pool it’s sterile, meaning clean water for all swimmers.

Developed over 4 years and working with world-renowned virologists the DUO is scientifically proven to kill faecal bacteria that chlorine alone can’t kill, and it’s this bacteria - which includes E.coli - which is responsible for sickness, nasty tummy bugs and diarrhoea.

Approved by Swim Schools

The Happy Nappy DUO is approved by swim schools as the gold standard ‘double layer system’, the DUO means children under 3 years no longer need to wear a disposable under a neoprene outer-nappy for extra leak protection.

Eco Friendly

This makes the DUO a smart choice for the environment, as we know at least 150,000 disposables swim nappies are used every week under the original Happy Nappy, where they end up as landfill waste and can take up to 500 years to decompose.

By choosing the Happy Nappy DUO you are doing your bit to protect our environment. The DUO is made from premium neoprene, and it’s designed to last – and can be passed down or on - once it no longer fits you little one.


On holiday the Happy Nappy DUO comes into its own, especially as little ones are in and out of the water which typically requires multiple changes of disposables – the DUO is lightweight, takes up minimal space in a change bag or suitcase, it provides UPF50+ sun protection and as a bonus after care is simple, just rinse, roll in a towel and reuse!

The Happy Nappy DUO is sustainable and eco-friendly, designed for stress-free baby swimming and more fun in the pool - it’s the only swim nappy a baby needs!