Wing Droop - Nappy Fitting Problem

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What is wing droop?
Wing droop is when the front panel of the nappy works it's way loose and slips down underneath the securing side tabs. This can cause the leaks to gape and not a snug seal at the tummy which usually leads to nappy leaks. 


What causes wing droop?
Wing droop most frequently happens when you put the nappy on snugly so that the tabs are crossing over or almost meeting at the front of the nappy. For some nappies this can mean there isn't enough pressure on the corners of the front panel to keep it secure.  This is most likely to happen with slim babies or those at the bottom of the nappy weight range.

When you put the nappy on it appears snug and well fitted but after a while and little one has been walking, running, wigging the front panel works it's way loose.

Which nappies suffer with wing droop?
Wing droop can happen with popper and velcro fastening nappies. The cheaper nappies tend to suffer with this a little more as the elastics aren't as strong or the tabs as secure. 

Generously fitted nappies are also more prone to this than very slim/neat nappies. Purely because the generously fitted tend to have the tabs meet nearer the middle. 

We find it rare to get wing droop with Bumgenius nappies (apart from the Bumgenius Joy) as the tabs on the Bumgenius come with their patented stretchy tabs which keep the front very snug.

How to stop wing droop?
Don't use a nappy that baby is too small for or below the weight range of.  Don't rush through nappy sizes if baby is in sized nappies keep them in the smaller size as long as possible.

It goes against what you'd think would be the right solution but actually put the nappy on looser.   Sometimes parents put the nappy on as snug as possible to try and get it to stay fastened but if it's loosened off at the waist the tabs aren't meeting in the middle and this actually puts more pressure on the panel underneath and keeps the wings secure. When nappies have elastic in the back it's easy to pull the tabs round too much by stretching this elastic. Let the elastic do it's just and don't pull the elastic until it's taunt.  Think of it like your own underwear, hopefully your pants stay up without having the elastic stretched until the point it's flat.
*picture wrong
*picture correct

Put on a nappy straight. What I mean by this is that the back isn't higher or lower than the front.  If it's put on at a different height front/back the tabs end up at an angle and this also encourages wing droop.

On a young baby a fitted/snug baby vest over the top can help keep pressure on the front of the nappy panel and help keep it in place.

Change to a nappy that has extra poppers at the edge of the tabs that are designed to anchor the panel.

We also find that nappies that have poppers positioned vertically hold faster than poppers positioned horizontally. See the Bumgenius nappy below.

Sara Munoz
Tuesday, 4 June 2019  |  17:26

I am using cloth nappies, I have different brands but the same problem: when baby poo, the nappy gets soiled on the edge (every time) and leaks, poo doesnít stays in the middle of the nappy as it does in disposable nappies. What can I do? How do I fitted properly? Thanks in advance

Monday, 8 July 2019  |  20:45

If you email us we can help advise you on the fit

Hollie Topliffe
Tuesday, 1 December 2020  |  19:40

Hi, Iím having an issue with leaks with my preloved bumgenius elementals, particularly around the legs. Iím struggling to get the nappy to sit in the knicker line without gaps and Iím wondering if it is because the inserts seem quite stiff and not very pliable. Is there a way to soften them up? Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, 5 January 2021  |  14:53

A short tumble or rubbing inserts together can soften them. Depending on the age of the nappies it may be that the leg elastic has worn and lost all it's elasticity

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