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Kijani Baby Night Time Pull Up
Kijani Baby Night Time Pull Up
Kijani Baby Night Time Pull Up

Kijani Baby Night Time Pull Up

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Kijani Night Time Pull Up Overview

Kijani Baby night time pull ups are designed for toddlers and children who still need night time protection of cloth nappies but also want the convenience and "grown up" feel of a pull up.  There are very few reusable pull ups on the market and these really do fill this niche.

Kijani night time pull up has wonderfully stretchy tabs which not only allow each nappy to fit a wider weight range but also make it easier for little hands to pull the nappy up and down.  Each tab is held securely in place by two poppers, one at the top of the tab and one at the bottom. These two tabs hold the panel securely in place to prevent "wing droop" and poor fit.

The inner absorb pad is held in place by a popper at the front and back. The sides of the inner absorbent pad are elasticated to give greater poo containment, they have soft leg gussets for leak protection. This all helps to reduce wee run off for a very heavy wetter. The insert also has an additional panel of waterproof PUL giving you a double layer of PUL waterproof fabric to minimise leaks.

The top of the soakers is a stay dry suede cloth, keeping your child dry and comfortable even when the pull up gets wet.

It is possible that a very heavy wetter will need additional boosters in the night time pull ups. These additional boosters should be placed on top of the poppered insert due to the layer of waterproofing underneath the pad. The Easy Peasy Hemp Boosters are a very popular choice for additional absorbency needs.

Say good bye to spending too much money on pull ups, wet sheets and instead change to Kijani Night Time Pull Ups.


Each pair of Kijani Night Time Pull Ups consist of a waterproof cover and a snap in waterproof soaker. Additional night time inserts can be purchased separately so that you can re use the cover for a second night.


Night time pull ups have adjustable waist with numerous waist settings to fit a variety of ages and sizes.

Size Age Guide Waist Rise Leg Opening
XS 12-36 Months 33-63cm 43cm 17-33cm
Small 2-4 Years 43-76cm 48cm 20-36cm
Large 4-6 Years 46-91cm 53cm 23-41cm
XL 7-12 Years 46-97cm 56cm 24-53cm


Nappy Fabric

  • Waterproof Cover: PUL Polyurethene Laminate waterproof fabric
  • Insert: Absorbent layers of 40% cotton, 40% bamboo, 20% polyester
  • Top Layer: Sudedcloth,
  • Bottom Layer: PUL

Many children still need night nappiess for years after potty training, and there aren’t many reusable cloth pull ups options for nighttime nappies for older toddlers and preschoolers. Nighttime pull ups have adjustable waist to fit a variety of ages and sizes and are made with cotton and bamboo.

The Kijani Story

Kijani is a social business based in Kampala, Uganda that creates high quality unique cloth nappies while empowering Ugandan mamas, create employment, fair wages and good working conditions. Kijani is a Swahill word that means "green" reflecting their commitment to environmental sustainability. Kijani make high quality cloth nappies helping families across the world and in their community.

More information on potty training

Is your child ready for potty training? Read our guide "potty training in cloth nappies."


Kijani Baby
Drying Speed
Kijani Baby
Care & Warranty

Kijani Care Guide

  • Run a rinse cycle with cold water.
  • Run a warm cycle with detergent.
  • Run an extra rinse cycle. Hang or tumble dry.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not use fabric softeners or bleach.

Kijani Warranty

Kijani offer a 6 month warranty from date of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing defects including poppers, stitching defects etc.

Customer Reviews
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9 Reviews:

Not for heavy wetter
15 January 2024  | 

My 2,5yo is completely dry during the day, but is peeing is her bed almost every night. Diapers are not an option, because I feel it’s gonna be a step back.

These Kijani pants are well made, comfortable according to my child, can grow with the child. The only minus for us is that they are not completely leakproof. My girl is usually sleeping on her stomach. Her pyjama pants get a little bit wet, the same is on the sides. Extra insert would be an option, but my girl found it uncomfortable to wear with an extra insert. I’m still keeping those, maybe at some moment she’ll pee less during night time.

So far Mother-ease bedwetter pants and Petit crown trima plus XL are working well for us without any extra inserts.

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09 November 2022  | 

A good, comfortable, non- leaking option for our 4 year old at night. We’ve been using these for a month now and are very pleased with them. Yes, Yes, they do take a long time to dry, and are quite big- but a fair trade off for the great absorbency, and lack of leaks. I do up most of the poppers and our little one can pull them up himself like a pull- up, and then I secure the final poppers on the remaining top side. Overall I would definitely recommend them.

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At last
07 August 2022  | 

I’ve tried a lot of night time pull ups over the years and most haven’t been great. These are so soft and comfortable, not yet had a leak and they aren’t too bulky.

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Some good features but not the best option for us
04 July 2022  | 

Customer review of free product.

There aren't many night time cloth pull-up options so I was keen to try this nappy, but unfortunately I didn't love it.

The Kijani is stay dry and, as the insert is detachable it is quick drying, so it ought to have been perfect. But unfortunately, my toddler found them hard to pull up independently, and when he tried it seemed to effect the fit.

We also found they weren't quite absorbent enough for my medium-to-heavy wetter.

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My favourite night nappy for 2 year old
10 March 2022  | 

2.5 years old heavy wetter, is potty training in daytime and strong willed, getting particular about which nappies he has on. Won't lie down, wants pull ups (big boy pants he calls them) particular fight is pre bed after bath. These he loves, comfy stretchy look pants shape, way easierthan fighting with poppers x2 on 2 parters. Fleece lined but as we have to boost we use something that's fleece backed as it's against the skin. They wash and dry really well too much faster than some night alternatives. If I could afford more they'd make brilliant day pull ups too, they are slim yet very absorbant. Wish more colours were available is my only complaint. We are 31lb ish and using the small 2 to 4 and are very much on the lower end so they'll last ages . Highly recommend

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Seem very comfy
21 December 2021  | 

Very easy to pull up and down, My son hasn’t managed it himself yet, but I haven’t really given him much opportunity, plus he’s only just been able to do normal trousers. They have a very soft lining.
We have had a couple of leaks, but I’m not sure if that’s down to a fit/wriggling issue rather than absorbency.
On the whole I’m very happy with their performance!
Bought size small, my boy wears size 2-3 clothes (mostly!)

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Wonderful flexi-fit nappy
05 October 2021  | 

It’s really hard to find reusables for larger children 4+ and my boy is still bedwetting at night and I wanted a reusable nappy to save on plastic and hopefully discourage him from the night wetting. So pleased to have found this nappy which is fully adjustable to fit. Thank you!

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Best diaper for older kids
14 April 2021  | 

My son is almost 2 and a half so the pocket nappies one size started to be tight on him and it was leaking within 3 hours due to his age. I got 5 of those and I'm using them day and night. They are amazing, not too tight, it rarely leaks I can slide it on like a pull ups or open it like a diaper. I am in love with this diaper. Worth the money as I dont think he will be potty trained anytime soon due to communication issues.

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Brilliant toddler night nappy
08 November 2020  | 

Paired with the Kijani boost, this nappy lasts 12 hours overnight on my two year old.
The lining is so soft and I love the double layer of pul and double gusset. It’s even slim fitting! We have no more bedtime battles trying to get her two parters on.
Highly recommend these and can’t wait for more stock so I can get a couple more.

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