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Poppets Onesize Pocket Nappy
Poppets Onesize Pocket Nappy
Poppets Onesize Pocket Nappy

Poppets Onesize Pocket Nappy

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Poppets One Size Pocket Nappy Overview

The Poppets Pocket nappy is a beautifully designed pocket cloth nappy. 

The Poppets One Size nappy is popper fastening and comes with my favourite vertical popper position. The wings are fairly long and cross over for babies at the lower end of the weight range.

The Poppets Baby water resistant outer shell is lined with super soft and smooth microfleece that sits next to babies skin to draw away moisture helping keep baby dry and comfortable. The Poppets Pocket Nappy lining is nice and smooth for easy cleaning. 

The PUL panels (stoppers) on the inside of the Poppets nappy are at the front and back. Underneath these stoppers is the pocket / pouch opening.

The elastics are gentle against babies skin yet give great containment due to a wide back elastic and internal back and tummy panels.


  • The lining has two large openings front and back for easy stuffing of inserts
  • Inserts can self eject during a smaller pre wash
  • Adjustable length with four rise settings
  • Hip stability poppers and two other waist poppers to help get the best fit around your baby.



Poppets 'Onesize' Pocket nappy which means it gives a great fit from around 10lbs and fits most babies until potty training. While baby is below 10lbs you would need a newborn size nappy or a Nappy Lady™ newborns hire kit.

How do I use it?

Poppets Pocket cloth nappy comes with two inserts.

  • A fish tail insert which is a nice long insert which has an organic cotton outer and 3 layers of bamboo core. You can fold this in half or fold a side down to increase absorbency at the front or back.
  • A hemp insert which is 4 layers of hemp and cotton. This insert is small enough to fit in the pocket nappy on the smallest setting so great when your baby is on the smaller side to make a smaller trimmer nappy.
  • You can then combine the hemp insert with the fishtail insert to increase the overall absorbency of the nappy.

Place the cloth insert into the pouch / pocket inside and at change time change the entire nappy insert and cover.

The inserts are designed to self eject in the washing machine however depending on how much you fill your machine I would recommend you take the inserts out before they go into the nappy bucket rather than relying on the self ejection.

Nappy Fabric

Shell - 100% Ultra Durable Polyester TPU

Lining - 100% Microfleece

Fishtail Insert - Outer layers 100% GOTS Organic Cotton. Inner layers 3x Bamboo/Polyester 80/20

Hemp Insert - 4 layers Hemp and Cotton mix (55/45) 

Poppets Baby Brand

Poppets Baby are famous for their Poppets cloth wipe solution which makes reusable baby wipes soft, smelling divine and glide on baby's skin. Try the rest of the Poppets Baby range.


Drying Speed
Average (Bamboo slow)
Fairly Slim
Change Speed
Ease of Use
Hemp / Cotton/Bamboo
Requires a Wrap?
Day or Night
Made In
Care & Warranty

Poppets Baby Care Guide

Shake any solids into the toilet after each change. Store in a dry pail. Wash at 40 or 60 degrees.

No bleach or softener.

Air dry away from direct heat.

Inserts can be tumble dried on low.


Poppets Baby offer a 12 months manufacturing warranty against defects on their cloth nappies, so long as they have been subject to reasonable use. The warranty extends to all aspects of the nappy, such as fastenings, elastics and PUL.

Please ensure you carry out the individual care and washing instructions, failure to do so will result in the warranties becoming void. 

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