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Elemental Joy Foldable Flat Insert

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Elemental Joy Foldable Flat Insert Overview

The Elemental Joy Foldable Flat Inserts are made of cotton and are designed to be used with the Elemental Joy pocket nappies. They are however very versatile universal inserts and can be used with any pocket nappy, they can also be used as a cloth nappies flat insert inside a nappy wrap such as the Flip Wrap or as extra absorency in an all in one or fitted nappy

The Elemental Joy Foldable Flat Inserts are made of one large layer of cotton so they open out to make them incredibly quick drying.

Elemental Joy is designed by the makers of the famous Cotton Babies Bumgenius nappies. The Elemental Joy cloth nappy system is made to be an incredibly cost effective nappy system but without compromising on quality or safety.


This absorbent Elemental Joy Cotton Insert is:

27" x 27 in"  (approx 68cm x 68cm)

It is a cotton insert made of  a large piece of cotton flannel that can be folded in different ways to customize absorbency for your baby. The insert will shrink slightly in intial washes but this is normal and the shrinkage is factored in the initial insert size.

Pack Size

Elemental Joy Inserts are sold individually so you can buy as many or as few as you need rather than being restricted by packet sizes.

How do I use the Elemental Joy insert?

The Elemental Joy flat insert can be folded in unlimited ways so you can customise the fit and absorbency perfectly for your baby.
  • Fold the insert
  • Stuff into the pocket nappy or laid flat in any other suitable nappy cover.
  • After washing hang your insert to dry unfold so it lays flat to quicken drying speed. You can also tumble dry low if needed urgently.

Nappy Fabric

100% Cotton



  • Wash warm with detergent - Bumgenius cloth diapers can be washed up to 60deg. Extra rinse. No laundry additives.
  • Tumble dry low or line dry. 

Cotton Babies recommend detergents that are free of optical brighteners, perfumes, fabric softeners and dyes.

Dirty Storage: 

  • Remove Solids.
  • Store in dry pail/bin.
  • Wash soiled diapers every other day.
  • Note: Mineral based rash creams may stain your nappies. Use of a liner is recommended when using rash creams. 




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Customer Reviews
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8 Reviews:

Quick drying but quite big and stiff
01 March 2021  | 

These inserts are cotton and I bought them because I want some which I can dry on radiators (and I have some elemental joy pocket nappies). They’re pretty big and quite stiff and not really transferable to other pockets that I have. I don’t like them as much as the foldable insert which elemental joy used to sell but they’re fine. I tend to boost with something bamboo so the overall nappy is quite massive at the end but does the job. Really good price and service from the nappy lady, thanks

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Rigid edges
22 January 2020  | 

I have the new version of these inserts which don’t need folding. I’m not a fan at all. The stitching around the edge is very rigid, so the insert feels very hard and square inside pockets. This was the case when new and hasn’t improved with washing or tumble drying. I can’t imagine it’s comfortable for my baby to wear. Absorbency is good but we hardly use these due to the above.

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Quick drying
15 March 2019  | 

These have been the perfect insert for my Elemental Joy pockets. They are absorbent and I find they last for a good few hours. They are quick to dry which is brilliant when I need a quick turnaround of clean nappies.

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Great insert
22 February 2019  | 

These inserts are brilliant- easy to fold, slimline and quick drying. Work perfectly with the bumgenius elemental joys and haven’t had any leaks so far. Just need them to come back in stock so I can buy some more!

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Part of a good system
17 February 2019  | 

Large close woven material is very absorbent, takes all baby can give at the moment and will be able to cope with increasing volume as she gets older.
These are easy to use, they are a large square of fabric which is folded into quarters one way then in half the other way to form a rectangular pad which fits into the wrap pocket.
Very easy to assemble after washing and easy to separate once soiled. These wash well and dry pretty quickly.
Will be recommending to friends.

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Does the job!
26 June 2018  | 

We purchased these to go with our Elemental Joy nappies which I love. These are great too and have washed really well so far.

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11 April 2018  | 

These were more absorbant then i thought they'd be. And they dry quickly as they unfold.
But i found they were a bit if a faff to fold and insert. I ended up roughly folding and just shoving them in and they worked well. But i think I'd rather us hemp.

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Absorbent but bulky
22 February 2018  | 

These do the job but with a booster add way too much bulk. These have to be folded which offers flexibility,, but I prefer a simple insert nappy

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