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Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pads (CSP)

Reusable Sanitary Pads are known under many names including CSP (Cloth Sanitary Protection) as well as a few other more interesting terms such as "fluffy vagina blankets!" CSP comes in a variety of fabrics, absorbency and sizes. 

Reusable Sanitary Pads

Do disposable pads cause you irritation? If they do you are not alone. This started to happen to me after the birth of our third child and since then I can no longer wear them. I've been using reusable menstrual products for many years and would never go back to disposables. Cloth menstrual pads are soft and breathable and often made of organic cotton such as the Eco Femme range. They are ideal for your delicate area and are far kinder to you than the plastic backed disposables. Cloth pads are a very popular form of reusable period products and are suitable for everyone. They can be used on their own or alongside eco friendly period pants or menstrual cups or discs.

Fed up of plastic waste? Make your period plastic free!

Sanitary pads are a leading source of plastic pollution, from their plastic packaging to the actual pads themselves. Did you know that one pack of maxi pads can contain as much plastic as 5 plastic bags? Cloth sanitary pads are better for the environment than single use menstrual pads, have a more sustainable period with our reusable alternatives. Reusable pads are your eco friendly alternative.

Best reusable sanitary pads

We will stock a suitable reusable sanitary pad no matter what your absorbency need. We stock the best reusable sanitary pads available in the UK. We offer an excellent range of heavy flow pads which are very popular for post partum and are especially popular for the peri-menopause stage. They will keep you leak free and feeling comfortable. Panty liners can be used every day of the month or just for your light flow days. Some people use panty liners or day pads as back up for a menstrual cup or tampon to prevent leaks.

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Pads for incontinence

Reusable sanitary towels are used for menstruation but also for incontinence and can be worn throughout the month. Organic cotton is wonderfully absorbent for this need and often has a staydry top layer to keep you feeling dry.Whatever your requirement we will have the best reusable sanitary pad for you.

Storage Bags

We stock a range of wet bags for you to discretely store your used and clean reusable cloth sanitary pads in when at home but also when out and about. No need to use a disposable plastic bag there are plenty of reusable products for every part of your cycle.


Pads are also known under names such as, cheap sanitary pads, period pads, sanitary napkins, sanitary towel, sanitary towels, basic sanitary products


Is really simple. Cold rinse your cloth pads after use, store until wash day and then wash up to 60deg with your normal detergent and no fabric softener. Ideally air dry.