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Reusable Wipes Kits By Cheeky Wipes

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Product Details

Cheeky Wipes All In One Kit is a premium washable wipes system making washable wipes even easier to use.  The Cheeky Wipes Mini kit is designed especially for existing cloth nappy users who already have a nappy bin and nappy wet bag

Cheeky Wipes Mini Kits have these fantastic features:

  • Flat, stackable lid and air-tight seal to keep your wipes fresher for longer
  • New single-clip lid means easy one-handed opening and closing, but makes it robust and toddler-proof
  • Fill water levels on boxes

The Cheeky Wipes Mini Kit contains:

  • 25 - Lovely  Premium Terry Towelling cloth baby wipes, 15 cm x 15 cm
  • 1 - Fresh 'Single Clip' Baby Wipes container
  • 1 - Fresh Baby Wipes waterproof out and about travel bag
  • 1 - 10 ml bottle of Fresh Baby Wipes Essential Oil Blend

Visit our comprehensive beginners guide on using reusable wipes for more information.


Made In
Cheeky Wipes
Care & Warranty

Cheeky Care Guide

  • Prewash once before first use
  • Wash dark colours separately
  • Wash with non-bio powder
  • No harsh stain removers or bleach.
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Wash temperature according to garment label
  • Ideally line dry or tumble dry on cool.

Cheeky Warranty

Manufacturing faults are covered for 6 months from purchase date not first use of the product. Most manufacturing faults will show up within the first couple of wears/washes

If you think you have a faulty item contact The Nappy Lady and we will liaise with Cheeky on your behalf to process your warranty claim. If a product is found to be faulty Cheeky will directly replace the item to you.

Cheeky's decision on any warranty claim is final.

Customer Reviews
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17 Reviews:

Cheeky wipes
25 May 2021  | 

These are great, perfect for tiny bottoms.

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Much better than baby wipes
24 January 2021  | 

I recommend these to everyone, even if they aren’t using cloth nappies – they’re so much more effective than baby wipes. This kit is perfect and the box and wet bag are really handy. We haven’t used the oil though, just plain water, but the kit is still great value.

We bought a second pack of wipes so we didn’t run out, though you do need far fewer of these than disposables. I empty the box of wipes, rinse and refill rather than just adding the clean ones to the bottom of the pile because otherwise things smelt a little musty after a day or so.

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Great! No need pre wet
09 December 2020  | 

The essential oil has become a nappy bucket freshener as I realised just plain water is so much better on skin.
We also don’t pre wet and use the tub now as we found they went ‘’musty” fairly quickly. Just wet as you go!

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Great all round
29 November 2020  | 

Really easy to set up and use, only having to use 1 wipe per nappy change which normally have to use 2/3 disposable ones. Use disposable nappies too which makes it easy to wash, i just throw them in with them.

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Best purchase yet
14 September 2020  | 

I nearly didn’t purchase these because I thought it was expensive for bits of cloth but they are our best purchase yet. I love them. We’ve had mixed success with cloth nappies but hands down these are easier and nicer to use than disposable wipes. I feel great every time I wash them because we are no longer using those awful disposable wipes.

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Brilliant purchase
17 April 2020  | 

We’ve been using reusable nappies for a while so I’m not sure why it took us quite so long to make the switch to reusable wipes but I’m really glad we have. They’re convenient, they wash well and with the camomile and lavender oil they smell lovely. I was a bit concerned with how they would manage cleaning up blowout nappies but actually you can cover a lot more bum with one of these than you can with one disposable wipe. They’re also really good for cleaning up the aftermath of weaning!

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Cheeky wipes
22 October 2019  | 

Brilliant! Will be ordering more. No more nasty wet wipes in plastic for us anymore.
Speedy delivery.

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Cheeky wipes are excellent
27 August 2019  | 

I am really pleased with these. They are excellent for cleaning and it is much easier to prepare them than I expected. Even my other half is fully on board now despite being dubious to begin with. I am going to get more for downstairs.

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Easy to use
19 August 2019  | 

One the wipes are set up in the box, they are so easy to use, just like disposable wipes. I used to use cotton wool, so this set up is much more convenient for me. They wash and dry easily. Not all stains go in the wash, but this isn’t necessary, they only get dirty again.I keep a few dry wipes to dry baby after wiping. As always; great service and advice from TNL.

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Cheeky wipes
13 July 2019  | 

Having not used reusable wipes before I was really pleased that I could buy everything I needed to get started in one kit. The wipes mop up so much more that disposables & we have saved loads already! These also came with a really useful guide on how to use (clearly idiot proof as we have been fine!).
Fantastic service too from The Nappy Lady as always!

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18 February 2019  | 

Brilliant just going to order another set.
I was unsure if I would like re useable wipes but they are so much better at the job than disposable ones.

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Great take away
14 February 2019  | 

bought these for out and about use- really convenient and highly successful

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Great reusable wipes
06 February 2019  | 

I had used reusable wipes for hands and feet with my son but decided second time around to use them for bottoms too. Really good kit, has everything you need and is easy to use even for a beginner like my self.

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Love the wipes but the box leaks
05 November 2018  | 

I love the wipes themselves and use them all the time but it’s very dissapointing that the box does not seal. So if it gets tipped up buy said baby, we all get wet.

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Great little kit
27 February 2018  | 

Thanks to these we have ditched throwaway wipes and are enjoying the chemical free, environmental benefits whilst not compromising on getting the job done - in fact they do it better. Lovely scented oil in kit and the bag makes out and about wet wiping a doodle.

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26 May 2017  | 

I wish I had tried these ages ago - I would have saved a fortune! They're brilliant and such good value for money. They're very gentle on baby's skin and I never need to use more than a couple at a time, for even the most massive poos. Brilliant!

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Complete convert
14 April 2017  | 

Not sure I will be converted to cloth nappies, but I have been completely converted to cloth wipes! So much gentler on baby's skin and as a bonus I find I need about half the number of wipes per nappy change - usually only 1 or 2 max even for the dirtiest nappies!
Wash really nicely - mine have got slightly 'rougher' due to living in a hard water area but otherwise they are wearing really well - I dry them between each use and seem to have avoid the mustiness that some others have reported.
I dont think you could get away with less than 25wipes for a newborn, but maybe thats just me. I'm finding 25 about right bearing in mind that i do occasionally use cotton pads when we're out of the house. When I'm in all day, 25 is sometimes cutting it fine. I wash about every other day.

Overall I'd highly recommend them, and reckon ill cover my costs in a few months max from not-buying disposable wipes!

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