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Mother-ease Bamboo Disposable Nappy Liner
Mother-ease Bamboo Disposable Nappy Liner

Mother-ease Bamboo Disposable Nappy Liner

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Mother-ease Bamboo Nappy Liner Overview

The Nappy Lady is pleased to be the first retailer in the UK to bring you the amazing Mother-ease® disposable Bamboo nappy Liners.Disposable liners are great for quick and easy nappy clean ups and also provide extra protection from nappy creams.

The Mother-ease liners are amazingly soft and stretchy. They are infact the biggest disposable liner we stock.

When I got a sample of these I didn't tell team Nappy Lady which brand they were or what they were made of so it was a blind test. They came back raving about them and how reliable and soft they were. 

Being a thin liner we usually recommend these for weaned babies who poo is solid however we have lots of customers that use these right from birth.

Key Features

The liners are:

  • Biodegradable
  • Alcohol Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Fragrance Free
  • Extra Wide and Long Coverage



The Mother-ease Bamboo nappy liners are designed to be extra long and extra wide.

9 inches x 13 inches

Each roll contains 100 liners.

How do I use it?

Lay the liners in the nappy as the layer closest to babies skin.  With Motherese liners you CAN fold them to the width of length that your baby needs.  Lots of other liners recommend their brand are NOT folded but with Mother-ease fold away to make the perfect size!

Dispose after use in the bin or compost bin. Do not flush.

Liner Fabric

Made from 100% Bamboo fiber

Learn more about your nappy liner choices in our nappy advice article Do I need a liner in a reusable nappy?



9x13 inches
Bamboo Fibre
Made In
Customer Reviews (9)
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9 Reviews:

Ok liners
17 January 2023  | 

I bought these based on they're good reviews but personally had some issues.I found the liners too big for stay dry inserts so have to be folded to fit, which is harder than it sounds when you have dry hands and the liners keep velcro-ing to your skin The liners hold liquid and so if a corner creeps out the side it allows leaks, it's also soggy and when you put it in the bin. And the liners seem to bunch up in her nappy as she's moving about so doesn't always catch the poop. Finally just to say I use a mix of fleece and disposable. Having use Bambino Mio disposable liners in the past (didn't love them but prefer them over these).

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Strong, doesn’t let anything through
07 April 2022  | 

Really pleased with this product, it does exactly what it is meant to. My daughter is now on solids and I wanted to avoid having to scrape her nappies into the toilet so this works as the perfect barrier. I tear each sheet in half, so I get double from the roll, rather than fold it in the nappy, just a single layer works for us.

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Handy little bonus
26 February 2022  | 

These are great if you’re squirmish about the poop! My partner hated the idea of reusables but not doesn’t mind them purely because of the liner. Really easy to use

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Does the job
28 May 2021  | 

First baby, first experience of reusable nappies. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but these liners are great. They definitely catch all the bits! Would be great if one roll was included in the Motherease starter pack.

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Great product
01 November 2020  | 

Not had a poop stained nappy since using these. They are quite thick though, so I do wonder if actually they are what is causing my blocked toilet? Perhaps if i had read the label, they are not flushable?!
That’s the only possible downsize though.
They are oversized, but I just fold them around my inserts, hence almost no leaks onto the nappy itself.

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Very soft
17 June 2020  | 

Great liners. I only used them a couple of times, when needed to put barrier cream on. They worked fine, did not let the solids through too much, feel very falsify against baby’s skin. Couldn’t see much difference between these and Little Lamb bamboo liners.

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Good, I think!
22 April 2020  | 

I dont have anything to compare to as I'm new to cloth nappies, but I wanted something of natural material. I tried these on their own but they did scrunch up between his legs and didnt offer much coverage. I now wrap one around a fleece liner to catch the morning poo and they do the job. Poo also rolls straight off into the loo and doesnt seem to pass through the material at all, making it easier to manhandle into the bin and also protect nappy. So if you can get the positioning right, then theyre great.

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Good size for unos
25 July 2019  | 

Third disposable liner I've tried now, these have best fit for our nappies, in that they don't hang out the edges, but that does mean it doesn't catch everything. Thick and soft

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Big enough to stay in place
01 February 2019  | 

These are great - because they are so long and wide they stay in place no matter how much your toddler moves around. So no finding the liner scrunched up to one side and poo all over the nappy. They hold all the solids despite being very thin. Nursery love them.
They do fall apart in the wash, so you can’t wash and reuse, or use them as swim nappy liners like the ultra liners. But that is a pretty minor complaint.

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