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Product Details

Kit Details

The Sandy's Nappy Part-Time Nappy Package provides you with a days worth of cloth nappies and nappy covers, to allow for washing every night.

This package comes with:

12 x Sandy's Nappies - cotton or dry
4 x Air Flow Covers (size depends on kit purchased)
1 x Cotton Booster - cotton or dry**

**Newborn Package excludes Absorbent Liners

Nappy Overview

The Sandy's are one of the best loved, most absorbent 'fitteds' available on the market. An industry leader, the Sandy's was the very first nappy to sport the front over back side closure design. The style and fit of the Sandy’s is similar loose fit to that of a disposable nappy.

A full set of high tech, never fail, elastics both in the waist front and waist back and at the leg openings ensures all bowel movements will remain contained, no matter the consistency. These little gems close at the sides using plastic snaps with a front over back design.

Sandys are a generous length and stretchy making them suitable for the vast majority of children including those taller than average or chunky monkeys.  Slimmer children fit in them well but will stay in the smaller width settings for longer.  The stretch terry fabric and popper fastenings mean that some people like to use it as a trainer pull-up pant but with the added advantage of the full absorbency of a proper nappy. Many children are potty trained before reaching 35lbs and so will not need the Toddlease size of nappy. If however you do have a larger child the ToddleEase; which is another name for an XL Sandys, is suitable for children over 35lbs and when boosted makes a fantastic and reliable night nappy as well.


Sandy’s by Mother-ease are popper fastening slim nappies available in 4 sizes. However most people will only ever use 2 sizes.

  • X-Small (newborn), 6-12lbs
  • Small, 8-20lbs
  • Large, 20-35lbs
  • Toddlease, 35lbs+


How Do I Use It?

Sandys nappy are a two part system. The Sandys is the nappy part and over the top you will need to put a separate waterproof wrap/cover. The most popular wrap to use is the Mother-ease Airflow wrap.  Inside the Sandys you use a separate liner to make cleaning pooey nappies easier. The liner can be either disposable or reusable fleece.  When you come to change the nappy you will reuse the cover and just change the inner Sandys nappy and liner.  The Sandys nappy can also be used for night time with an additional booster.

The boosters on the side of the nappy allow you to adjust the waist and leg settings independently making them ideal if your baby has a slim waist and chubby legs or vice versa.  The side poppers are also ideal for tummy sleepers as there is nothing to dig into baby on the front.

Sandys nappies can be tumble dried on low but preferably air dried.

Nappy Fabric

Mother-ease Sandys are available in natural cotton with or without a stay dry layer. The terry fabric is specially knit with only cotton touching your baby’s delicate skin, polyester is knit into the base of the fabric to provide strength, durability and shrinkage control. The result is a very stretchy, comfortable and reliable product.   Cotton fabric does go harder over time if you live in a hard water area occassionally tumble drying will fluff the nappy fabric back up.


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