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My First Period Kit With Wuka

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My First Period Starter Kit Overview

We have created a range of my first period kits so you can choose which is right for your tween/teen. The varient in each period kit are the period pants, in this product is for the fabulous Wuka Pants. Our other options of periods kits contain Love Luna pants.  Choose your size of pants required for your starter pack.

We understand that preparing for your childs first period can be stressful, let us take that stress away. Our teenage period starter pack will allow your teen to have complete confidence that they are prepared.

This is the perfect period kit little gift for your Teen/Tween so you have something ready and feel prepared for that first period or if they are unsure what they would like to use. It's always hard to guage how much blood they will lose so our kit gives them the chance to try different products and absorbency. All the items in this kit are washable. The period starter kit contains a sample of all the most period products our younger audience and customers tell us they prefer for their menstrual cycle. Your first period is a big right of passage and now there is no need to be stuck with uncomfortable plastic disposable protection, reusable menstrual products are the way forward. Make your first period the best experience for them. Puberty is starting earlier and the average age of the first period is lowering and younger girls are wanting more comfortable and discrete sanitary protection.

So what types of reusable sanitary protection are in the period kit?

Period Pants are incredibly popular with teenagers as they look just like ordinary pants and feel just like ordinary pants.  Period pants allow you to have your period but carry on life as normal.  You have a pair of very popular period underwear, Wuka Basics Bikini Briefs. These pretty pair of pants are discrete and look just like normal pants. They're light-average absorbency so best for your light flow to average flow days.  Heavy flow pants are available to buy separately however many teens don't need the level of absorbency the heavy pants offer.

Reusable Sanitary Pads - The Sew Sustainable 8inch Pad is great for light-average blood loss and ideal as first period pads. The 8inch gives a good coverage in smaller undewear and the bright patterns are a great bonus. The Sew Sustainable have a soft jersey cotton top so its great if you want natural fibers.  The wonderful thing about Sew Sustainable and why we had to have it in our period pack is that the pads are made by a teenage girl herself! Sew Sustainable is a run by a teenager still at school - who else would know exactly what teens needs.

The Nora Pantyliner is very lightweight and small. Ideal for wearing as a back up for a tampon or menstraul cup or just on it's own anytime of the month. Nora pantyliners have a honeycomb polyester topping, this is great as a stay dry feeling next to the skin.

Included in the kit is a handy small Wet Bag, this is a great bag to pop your used pads in while out and about and looks just like a little make up bag. Small enough to fit discretely in a handbag or school bag - no need to feel embarrassed .

We've also included some chocolate, because everyone wants some comfort at that time of the month.


Period kit Contents

My First Period Starter Pack includes:

  • Wuka Basics Medium Flow
  • Sew Sustainable 8inch Pad
  • Nora Pantiliner
  • Wetbag
  • Tony Chocolonely

This starter pack is enough to over approx half a day or a school day. Once your teen knows what they prefer the contents of the kits can be bought individually, we hold a large range and ship fast with same day dispatch available.  We are always on hand to help advise quantities your teen will need.


Pad Fabrics

My first period kit uk contains a pad made of natural material but also a quick drying thinner polyester pad. This combination gives your teen the chance to try  both pads to see what you would prefer going forward.

How To Wash

Caring and washing reusable menstrual products is very simple.  They just need to be popped into the washing machine. Read our full guide here on our sister site The Period Lady.


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