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Teen Period Pants

Teen Period Pants are becoming the number one period protection choice for the next generation. Suitable from first period onwards. Leak proof, comfortable & discreet. Life changing & improving periods!
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Period Underwear Especially Designed for Teens & Tweens.

Period pants look and feel just like regular underwear, they're usually made from cotton or bamboo. No wonder they are rapidly growing as the no 1 period products choice for a young person. Period pants mean peace of mind for both you and your child.

Life's got easier!

They're low maintenance, they pop them on in the morning before school etc and don't need to worry all day! Getting your period has got a whole lot easier!

Can you wear period pants all day?

Absolutely! Depending on how heavy your flow is you can wear your pants upto 8 hours a day before you need to change. Those with heavier flows might find they need to change more frequently.

How much blood do the knickers hold?

It depends on the level of absorbency you choose. Absorbency varies across brands and styles and generally each pair will hold the equivalent of between 1-4 tampons worth. Choose your pair based on your flow.

How to wash period pants?

Period Pants are simple to wash. Ideally rinse with cold water after wearing then store until wash day. Wash at 40deg on a long cotton wash with your regular detergent, do not use fabric softener. Air dry and reuse. It's really that simple.

Can period knickers be used from your first period?

Absolutely! Many teens I know they are the ONLY period product they have ever used right from the very beginning of when they started!

What about night time?

Yes they can even be worn at night time. Girls may find they need to go up an absorbency for the longer night time wear time.

But I have a heavy flow..?

No problem we have a variety of flow options from light, heavy and even super heavy!

Available Styles & Colours

They are available in a wide variety of cuts just like normal knickers, there is an option for every body shape.

You'll find period shorts, midi, bikini style, full briefs and boyleg. Whatever is your preferred style there will be a period pant alternative for you. Many are black but some brands offer colour or patterns as well.