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Terry Squares Bright Bots Colours
Terry Squares Bright Bots Colours
Terry Squares Bright Bots Colours

Terry Squares Bright Bots Colours

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Product Details

Bright Bots Terry Squares Overview

Bright Bots coloured terry squares make an excellent value and versatile cloth nappy system. Terry nappies have been used for generations. These Bright Bots coloured Terry Squares are more absorbent and superior quality to the thin cotton terry squares you will find on the high street.  

Bright Bots terry nappies are lovely and fluffy reusable nappies, made from super thirsty absorbent terry and come in a range of beautiful bright coloured squares. They come in either

  • Unisex,
  • Girl
  • Boy

If you prefer a more traditional look with white then White Bots Terry Nappies are also available and are cheaper.

Bright Bots Terry Nappies are suitable for day or night time, at night you will just need to add additional booster(s).

With the cost of living crisis terry nappies will give you an incredibly hardworking and economical set of reusable nappies. Some families still prefer to have the "ease" of a fitted or all in one nappy for going out and about, in these cases a split of half terry squares and half another type of cloth nappy is very popular.


Are Terry Nappies Hard To Use?

Many people initially get nervous when I talk about Terry Squares or recommend them.  There really is no need as they are incredibly simple to use, my children as toddlers used to help me fold terry nappies for their younger siblings or for demos. If a 3 year old can fold and fasten a Terry Square so can you!

Read our simple guide on how to use terry nappies.


They are approx 60cm x 60cm and are a one size reusable nappy.

Each pack contains 6 Bright Bots coloured reusable nappies.

How do I use it?

A Terry nappy is incredibly versatile. Using simple folds you can make the nappy fit exactly as your babies shape requires.  Don't worry no scary nappy pins to use as the modern Nappi Nippa safely, quickly and securely holds the nappy in place. 

Visit our terry square folding advice guides for diagrams on the different folds options. The Jo fold is the best one to start with, the bat fold is another good fold.

The Motherease Air Flow wrap is the best choice over terries, but if you are planning to pad fold your terries either occasionally or full time, you will need a gussetted velcro wrap like the Catcher wrap or the Bambinex wrap.

When you no longer need your Terries for nappies they will give you years of use as cleaning cloths!  Some of my Terry Squares are approaching 18 years old and still going strong having been through 3 babies and now many years of cleaning.


Care Instructions

Washing terry square nappies is very simple, they are pretty much an indestructible form of washable nappies.

Before first use put in a warm gentle machine wash cycle to bring them up to full absorbency.

Coloured terry squares MUST be washed separately for at least 5 washes and then check to see if colour is still running with a colour catcher.

Terry nappies can be washed up to 90deg but 60 deg really is the normal maximum you need and often 40deg is perfectly sufficient.

Terry nappies are best air dried from a cost and environmental view point. However a warm tumble dry fantastic for fluffing them to make the cotton soft terry towelling like new.

Nappy Fabric

100% Coloured Cotton





Drying Speed
Super Fast
Good - if fastened
Change Speed
Slow - Average
Ease of Use
Fiddly but quickly learnt
Nappi Nippas/pad folded
Requires a Wrap?
Bright Bots
Care & Warranty

Bright Bots Care Guide

  • Prewash nappy twice before first use at 40deg and a low spin speed
  • Wash dark colours separately
  • Wash with non-bio powder
  • No harsh stain removers or bleach.
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Wash temperature according to garment label
  • Ideally line dry or tumble dry on cool.
  • If using a nappy cream always use a nappy liner - ideally a disposable paper liner.

Bright Bots Warranty

  • Elastic defects for 60 days 
  • Workmanship /sewing defects for 30 days
  • Prefolds and terry inserts sewing defects only for 30 days.

    WARRANTIES ARE NON- TRANSFERABLE. The name on the invoice/sales receipt must match the name of the individual making the claim. Bright Bots warranty does not cover any used items purchased second-hand.

Delamination: Bright Bots replace all diapers with delaminated PUL that are claimed with a year of purchase, with proof of purchase. 

Stretched Braided Elastics: Bright Bots cover issues with elastics for 60 days, with proof of purchase. Elastics stretch over time and this is inevitable. Factors such as hard water, constant stripping, use of fabric softeners, bleach, vinegar or scented detergents, extreme high temperatures, smaller than recommended stashes, as examples, can affect the life of an elastic and are out of our control. If there is an issue with elastics within 60 days of purchase Bright Bots will require photos, proof of purchase and details of the issue at hand.

Inserts: Bright Bots cover all manufacturing defects on both viscose from bamboo and microterry inserts for 30 days with proof of purchase. This includes pre-existing rips to the fabric or sewing-related issues.

Normal Wear and Tear/Non-manufacturing related damages: All products have a limited lifespan despite care taken to preserve them. These products are used to contain such acidic substances as urine and faeces, and are washed regularly. As such, they will all eventually show wear and tear. There is no set amount of time that a nappy product can be expected to last. Bright Bots do not warranty against degradation from prolonged storage or wear from use including but not limited to holes, runs under snaps, snags on sidewalks or from pools, wood, cement, or washer/dryer problems. If you notice any such thing PRIOR to first wash, please do not wash. Contact The Nappy Lady to arrange an exchange.

Bright Bots decision on any warranty claim is final.

Customer Reviews (27)
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27 Reviews:

Excellent quality
08 December 2023  | 

I bought some of these colourful nappies about 7 years ago and used them as kitchen hand towels. They are a bit out of shape now, not as absorbent and a little passed their best. I had no hesitation in ordering some more for our kitchen. Highly recommended. The ‘older’ nappies will be going to our local cats’ rehoming centre. Thanks very much. 😊

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Terry Squares
10 February 2023  | 

They have endless uses. Such a useful size. Beautiful and soft, wash well and dry well, and pass the test if time! Love them!

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Great but not square
24 March 2022  | 

Had no issues with colour running. Have found the thread has snagged a fair bit (probably had about 4-5 washes each now as they are my go to for my 1yo for nights. Prefer the shaped Nappies for my 3yo at night). My only gripe is they are not square they are rectangle (could just my batch but every single one is off) so I'm struggling with folding them evenly but I like symmetry so this may not be as big an issue to others as it is to me.

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Easy peasy bright and breezy!
23 March 2022  | 

We use Little Lamb shaped nappies during the day but our heavy wetter has been soaking through them at night. Although containment is excellent with LL's, and their wraps, we were looking for something heavy duty, for when she's sleeping. We tried out the Nappy Lady's Terry trial kit and I was so impressed by the performance of a good old Terry that I came back to purchase these colourful squares.

They look delightful and snug on. They're the perfect dimension, a great thickness and utterly dependable.

They wash well. Washed each one once and didn't have any colour running issues at all after one wash. However, the colour running issue is why I haven't bought more of these, as running a first few washes for every colour is time consuming and a pain.

Highly recommended. They make me wish I'd bought more Terry nappies from the beginning. They are so much easier to fold than I thought, they dry like a dream and, paired with the Motherease Airflow wrap, seem to have an impeccable containment record - and our little one has really put them through their paces!

We love our Little Lamb shaped nappies but these are our number one back up option. I now choose Terry squares over pocket nappies every time, they're just amazing.

Finally, they do bulk out the bottom, so buying vest extenders is advised!

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Multifunctional and useful
02 December 2021  | 

I have a heavy wetting 3 month old and as winter approaches I've struggled with the wash/drying turnover. These have been very useful and actually make for a great night option if I'm stuck. Do pre wash first to reduce colour transfer. I learned all my folds from TNL YouTube videos
As a side note, the toddler loves them too and has pinched many of them to use as dolls blankets/hair towels/flannels/anything you can think of haha so it's good to know that these will be used well beyond the nappy years.

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Absorbent, quick drying and economical!
13 October 2021  | 

These are great, Cheap, cheerful colours and easy to wash! Not had a leak yet!!

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Happy parents happy babies
13 March 2021  | 

I have bought these lovely colourful terry squares as a gift for new parents. They are very useful little towels and just the right size - to cover plastic changing mats, mop up baby spills, dry baby, etc... and parents love them!

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09 October 2020  | 

I love my Bright Bots, they're super absorbant, easy to use, lovely and fluffy and so vibrant! Thanks Nappy Lady

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Cheap and quick drying
06 September 2020  | 

These won't be our main nappies as we prefer a fitted style, but they are a great supplement to our main stash. Very absorbent and multi-functional, and dry much quicker than fitted nappies. We use them as changing mats and for mopping up sick as well as using as nappies.
Ours only needed one pre wash to get excess colour out.

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Awesome product
11 June 2020  | 

Soft and absorbent. The best terry nappies I have found. Personal flat nappies are my favourite.

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Nice to have some colour....but it spreads
02 March 2020  | 

These are nice Terry's and I haven't found them considerably rougher then my bamboo ones in a hard water area. One star removed because the colour bleeds a lot and now all my nappies/Terry's are a shade of peach.

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21 February 2019  | 

These are very soft and fluffy. They wash and dry well and the fluffiness means that the nappi nippa works perfectly. The colours are bright and cheerful.

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Beautiful terrys
27 July 2018  | 

These are gorgeous and really high quality - haven't used yet but they'll look so sweet on the new arrival

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Easier than expected
15 May 2018  | 

Got a mixture of flats and fitteds expecting these to be my back up option but now finding myself reaching for these first! Love the bright colours and they are so easy to clean and fast drying. Folding them is easier than I'd expected and I find it quicker to put one of these of my wriggler than get the fit right with elastic.

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Fun terries.
04 July 2017  | 

Terries are the perfect nappy as can be used in so many different ways and dry quickly. The colours didn't spread at all in the wash and input them in with the white nappies at 60 with no probs.

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25 November 2016  | 

My son seems to really like these nappies. The other terries I have are genuine 1980s cotton which are still going strong. These are just as absorbent (no leaks yet) but much squishier. They're still soft after a number of washes with no tumble drier, the colours are still really bright and there's no sign of staining, whereas the old white ones tend to look a bit dodgy as I don't use any bleach. One downside: these are noticeably bulkier than those old ones. The Nappi nippas grip these much better though. They dry just as quickly as the vintage ones and much faster than my shaped cloth nappies. I was really pleased to find that they're genuinely square as it makes the folding easier. The packaging was cute enough to give as a gift. All in all, I'm really impressed and I would definitely recommend these.

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Gorgeous colours
20 September 2016  | 

I bought these terry squares to use as hand towels in our kitchen. They are lovely bright colours and wash very well indeed. Thank you,

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Beautiful Bright Bots !
01 February 2016  | 

Lovely and soft, beautiful strong colours and will definitely be back for more. Maybe a nice idea if customers could "select" their six colour
choices ?

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Colourful, useful and a life saver
20 December 2015  | 

I bought these to help back up my stash and i haven't been let down. Very soft and absorbent, the colours are lovely too (although my only gripe is that i couldn't get the colourway i wanted. They only had the boys colours whereas i wanted the unisex ones!)
I have had a little colour bleed resulting in some pink boosters but I'm not bothered lol
These are great cheep night nappies (place a booster over the pee pee area for heavy wetters- ie- my son) and also super good for long journeys thanks to the absorbancy.
They also dry super duper fast!!
On top of that they have multiple uses, I've used them to mop up sick, as a spare towel at the pool, spare blanket when he fell asleep at bumps and babes, cold compress... honestly, great buy, great stash booster.

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26 August 2015  | 

Very quick delivery, Excellant packaging, product very good quality andcours bright and cheerful, bought these to use as pillow protectors very pleased

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Bright bots bright squares
21 August 2015  | 

Lovely product easy to use cheap way of having lots of nappies, bright colours make it more fun to do, and look nicer on the line.

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Seem good....
01 December 2014  | 

Lovely colours, and they've washed well with no sign of colour running or any other problems. Fabric seems of good quality. I have washed these they haven't been used as the baby will not be with us for a few months yet, so I can't comment on them in use. They were delivered quickly and were packaged appropriately. Thanks!

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Lovely terry nappy
13 October 2014  | 

Great terry square, very absorbent and washes well.
I washed on high for approx. 6 washes before use as there was some colour running, but no running in my nappy wash now.

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brilliant nappies
07 October 2014  | 

I have seven children, all of whom have been in cloth. Over the years I've tried various styles of nappies, but always prefer terry squares. They are flexible, wash and dry quickly, absorbant and can be used as mop up clothes after potty training. I love these squares - its great to have such pretty colours and quality. I currently have two in nappies and these are all I use now. My two year old even expresses a preference for these in the grounds of comfort! I don't use nippas, just fold as a pad. I have all three colour selections and have had no fading or running and have been using them for months now. Really pleased. Great service too.

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beautiful and soft
29 August 2014  | 

These terries are fantastic. They are really cute and really soft. My white terries are junior joy, and wow can you tell the difference in quality! They take longer to dry than my cheaper terries but are worth it, and if I can dry them on the line it is no problem. I was worried they wouldn't be colourfast, and this was the only thing which worried me, but I was them at 40 and have had no colour runs. I have the girl pack so colours aren't as bold so this probably is why. Really love these nappies and the nappy lady is the best price I have found for them.

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Lovely but not durable
14 July 2014  | 

Lovely deep colors and plush terry. Unfortunately, the edges start to pill and fray after just one washing (low heat, no dryer), which gets worse after the second. I fear these squares aren't very durable.

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Sorry to hear you have problems with pilling. This is quite normal with this type of fabric and normally stops after the first couple of washes.

Vibrant, soft, fluffy nappies!
27 April 2014  | 

These terries are lovely. The colours are so bright and pretty I was tempted to order extras to use as handtowels! They fold easily and my toddler told me they felt soft and comfy on. The colours did run initially but were fast after a couple of washes. They certainly brighten up the washing-line and hide stains better than plain white nappies do.

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