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Value Terry Square Complete Kit

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Terry Square Complete Value Kit Overview

This Complete Value Kit contains everything you need to use terry squares from 10lbs to 35lbs which is average potty training age. Terry Square cloth nappies are a form of flat nappies and offer incredible value.

White Bots Terry Squares are an incredibly versatile cloth nappy system. Terry squares have been used for generations. The WhiteBots Terry Nappies in this kit are more absorbent and superior quality to the thin cotton terry squares you will find on the high street. These are lovely and fluffy and a beautiful bright white.

With the cost of living crisis terry squares will give you an incredibly hardworking and economical set of reusable nappies. Some families still prefer to have the "ease" of a fitted or all in one nappy for going out and about, in these cases a split of half terry squares and half another type of nappy is very popular.

Terry Nappy Kit Contents

20 Quality White Bots 60cm Cotton Terry Squares
5 little lambs double boosters large
1 rolls of 100 Liners - Paper liners
3 Nappi Nippas for securing the nappies
4 Bambinex Onesize wraps in a mixture of colours and prints


Are terry nappies hard to use?

Many people initially get nervous when I talk about Terry Squares or recommend them.  There really is no need as they are incredibly simple to use, my children as toddlers used to help me fold terry nappies for their younger siblings or for demos. If a 3 year old can fold and fasten a Terry Square so can you!

Read our simple guide on how to use terry nappies.



This value kit contains everything you need to use terry squares from 10lbs to 35lbs which is average potty training age. 


How do i use it?

Terry squares are incredibly versatile. Using simple folds you can make the nappy fit exactly as your babies shape requires.  Don't worry no scary nappy pins to use as the modern nappi nippa safely, quickly and securely holds the nappy in place.  Visit our how to use terry nappies and our  terry square folding advice guides for diagrams on the different folds available. You can even just pad fold them into a rectangle.

The Bambinex One Size Wrap is a perfect budget wrap for use with terries however if you'd prefer to use the Motherease Air Flow wrap these are available in our Premium Terry Square kit.

When you no longer need your Terries for nappies they will give you years of use as cleaning cloths!  Some of my Terry Squares are approaching 18 years old and still going strong having been through 3 babies and now many years of cleaning.

Nappy Fabric

100% Cotton

PUL - Polyurethene Laminate Wraps




Drying Speed
Super Fast
Good - if fastened
Change Speed
Slow - Average
Ease of Use
Fiddly but soon learnt
Nappi Nippas/pad folded
Requires a Wrap?
Day or Night
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4 Reviews:

Brilliant kit
11 February 2021  | 

I’ve tried AIOs, they never seem to last more than an hour before my son was wet through. Having two children in nappies, I really didn’t want to give up on reusable nappies.
I bought this kit, and really glad I did.
No leaks, and my boys are heavy wetters, a two disposable nappy job each night.
With cotton terries, boosters and the right fold, I don’t need to change until morning. Both my children are different ages and shapes, with these nappies and wraps, with the double gusset, everything is fantastic.
Feel like an ego warrior now I’m not using disposable nappies, it’s cut my bin waste a lot, and I’m saving money, as I used to buy two packs every week to 10 days.

Anyone thinking of using reusable, try terries, a bit tricky to find the fold best for your baby, but a bit of practice and it’ll soon be easy.

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Great quick service
12 October 2020  | 

I cannot review the product yet, since my baby hasn't arrived, but I am very happy with the service I received and the speed the items arrived! Hopefully the baby will like the items!

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Great speedy service
28 August 2018  | 

Very quick delivery. Bought for a family member so not yet used product but seemed very good value for money Thank you.

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Complete kit
21 November 2017  | 

I’m very pleased with this product, the nappies are a good quality, everything in the pack is exactly as described. Chosen by my daughter following lots of research, we don’t get to use it until March but it fitted a teddy perfectly.
I ordered it on Friday and it arrived on Monday, and I live in France, very impressed.
Keep up the good work nappy lady and team.

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