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Rumparooz Onesize Wrap Aplix Fastening

£9.99  VAT Free
£13.50   Save 26%
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Velcro Wrap Overview

The Rumparooz Onesize cover is popular and reasonably priced.

The covers can be used multiple times before washing, this is normally 4-5 nappies before a cover change but they should be washed sooner if they become soiled. 

Kanga Care uses a water resistant polyester TPU which is a solvent-free polyester fabric that has been laminated with a thermoplastic polyurethane using a heat bonding process, not chemicals. This process is low in toxicity and is better for the natural environment then traditional PUL.


The Rumparooz One Size nappy cover is designed to grow with your baby, with 4 adjustable rise settings; newborn, small, medium and large.The wrap fits a weight range of 6-35lbs.  I'd warn that covering such a large weight range will mean there is some compromise on fit and this will mainly be at the lower end of the weight range meaning it will be bulky and a little loose on a newborn.  We'd recommend you use these covers from 10/12lbs range instead.


The wrap fastens at the waist using applix which makes it extra simple and easy to use.

To use with

Rumparooz One Size Covers are generously sized and designed to fit over most shaped or prefold flat nappies including Bambino Mio prefolds, flips and Econobum.


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