Bambinex Incontinence NappyBambinex Incontinence Nappy 
Bambinex Incontinence Nappy

Bambinex Incontinence Nappy

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Bambinex Adult nappies are suitable from young adolescents to adults and cater for heavy incontinence. 

The Bambinex adult incontinence system in an all in one system. The nappy is made up with an outer waterproof wrap and an inner attached absorbent layer. Separate boosters are also available to purchase separately to increase absorbency further.

The Bambinex outer wrap is made from breathable PUL which is soft and gentle on the skin. The outer wrap is adjustable around the waist using velcro. There is double elasticated gussets at the thigh to give high containment. There is a front anti leakage pocket which helps keep the booster in place.

The inner booster is made from absorbent and super soft microfibre. They also dry very quickly to help with your washing turnaround.

The system is available in 5 sizes as below:

Size 0 - Waist size: 50-72cm
Size 1 - Waist size: 60-92cm
Size 2 - Waist size: 90-122cm
Size 3 - Waist size: 120-172cm
Size 4 - Waist size 170-192cm


Brand:  Bambinex
Drying Speed:  Fast
Containment:  Very Good
Absorbency:  High
Looks:  Bulky
Change Speed:  Quick
Ease of Use:  Simple
Fastening:  Aplix (Velcro)
Made In:  Turkey

Average Rating (13 Reviews):  
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Perfect size
Thursday, 26 August 2021  | 

I bought the size before based on the sizing chart, but it was a little smaller than I expected, so purchased the next size, this fits much better. I would suggest that you consider getting the larger size if you are either looking for a better fit or are near the top of the measurements.

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Size is a little small
Thursday, 29 July 2021  | 

The item is exactly as described, but I would suggest that you get a size larger, as the fitting is a little smaller than I expected.

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A very effective product
Wednesday, 17 March 2021  | 

My wife suffers from severe urine incontinence and has found this nappy to be excellent, especially at night. The shape and fit are great and no intimate irritation has happened. The outline is visible but she has adapted her clothing to accommodate the bulk.

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Best reusable option so far
Thursday, 25 February 2021  | 

This washable nappy is definitely the best reusable option I have come across so far. The fit is good and the inner layers are both comfortable and absorbent, with a level of flexibility by being able to add extra boosters. The leak guards are really effective and protect against leaks, but as with all they are not unbeatable. These are the closest I have come across in fit and reliability to disposable all-in-one slips and in my judgement are superior in comfort, also having the benefit of readability helping to reduce impact on the planet. I would highly recommend them and may end up purchasing more.

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soft and comfy
Monday, 8 February 2021  | 

i have had these for night time use over 4 months now, after initially ordering the wrong size i have now got a full set. they are bulky but then i do have boosters in them, maybe not needed so much for day time use. As per other reviews they do dry quickly and are soft, although expensive i do think that there a good product and worth the money, just takes a little patience to get use too, make sure that you wash 3 times to release the fibres in them otherwise they wont absorb the liquid . I have tried them without plastic pants over the top and have leaked slightly so i wear plastic pants now over and no problems whatsoever, good helpline also .

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Nice and soft
Thursday, 24 December 2020  | 

Lovely and soft for our daughters bum! So nice ego get away from disposable nappies too.

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Washes and dries very quickly
Tuesday, 11 August 2020  | 

This is an excellent adult nappy. I had been searching for a washable one for a long time, this is the only easily adjustable one I could find and I am very happy with it. It has a waterproof outer with a lovely soft lining, and the booster pads add extra absorbency. Best thing is it washes well and dries very quickly. I am a side sleeper, with the extra booster it helped to keep the bed dry even if I'm on my side. The service from The Nappy Lady was quick and efficient.

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Bambinex Incontinence Nappy
Thursday, 29 November 2018  | 

Being incontinent following a Stroke I was after a more skin friendly product to disposable pads. I have been using this item for several weeks and encountered no leaks on my travels. I do not find it any more bulkier than the disposable ones and it washes and dries easily enough.

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Sunday, 17 June 2018  | 

Excellent for my 98 years old mother in Argentina! Many thanks

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Great all in one product
Thursday, 18 January 2018  | 

As someone with Fibromyalgia-Raynauds and spine damage with nerve root compression need help sometimes esp in the cccold as a chill with Raynauds sends system haywire.
Have a few of these found them excellent with a booster wore for a long afternoon into evening as outside at a funeral in Jan so was cold went quite a few times and no leaks/seepage anywhere so a perfect 10.
Velcro is Aplix a stronger version than velcro.
Outer is a soft strong material so quiet under clothes as that and bulkiness often puts people off but these are pretty discrete under most clothes.
Inner is not terry clothe but micro fibre which is very absorbant but waskes/dries very easy and quickly.
you can add more boosters but do keep in mind sizing as if using many might need to go to next size up or run risk of aplix rubbing on skin!
Ive worn for night times been ok but prefer for daytimes myself as not so much at sides so possibility of leakage as im a front/side/'fighting' sleeper as often turn over and over.
Disposables just leak plus i find irritating to skin as draw all the time but useless if front/side sleep.
Do have some terry type wrap rounds had made for night time use wear with pvc/Ureathane/rubber pants so feel confident sleeping as nothing worse than in your mind leaking!
Ive Asperger's so things have to be right.

So i give this 10 out of 10 But do read/look at sizing and measure correctly not with belly held in either???

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Very disappointed
Thursday, 6 April 2017  | 

I had high hopes for this nappy, as a bed wetter I use the size 1 with 3 inserts/boosters (that are not cheap) just in case. Still leaked, the quality of the product is very good the fit however hurts like hell, the Velcro fastener rubs against the skin making them very, very uncomfortable on the waist.

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sounds like the size might be too small for you especially with 3 inserts inside.

Great Nappy
Thursday, 17 November 2016  | 

This is the first AIO nappy my wife has used on our son with very good results, great snug fit and high absorbency, they are also excellent at containing large bowel motions for an extended period of time eg overnight / car trips etc with all solids caught in the first leg cuff, no leaks at all. They are bulky when extra inserts are used but that is only at night, as during the day we just used the one insert. Very high quality product. We will be purchasing more of these nappies soon.

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Bambinex Adult Nappy
Saturday, 8 October 2016  | 

The best and most comfortable nappy i've ever worn, very soft and gentle between the legs without rubbing and irritating the skin unlike plastic pants. The velcro gives a strong and secure fastening wigh the elastic

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