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Bambinex 3 in 1 Nappy Ultra Care Detergent, Sanitiser & Stain Remover

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Bambinex Nappy Ultra Care Detergent Overview

Bambinex Nappy Ultra is a very popular nappy detergent for use in soaking, washing and stain removal. It is specially designed for use with reusable nappies to give them a deep clean and maintain their absorption capacity.

Bambinex Nappy Ultra care is a washing powder with a a rating of pH9. An everyday example of a product with this pH is Baking Soda.

3 in 1 Detergent!

  • Nappy Soak
  • Nappy Wash
  • Stain Remover


Sold as a 1kg tub.

Each tub contains approximately 30 nappy washes based on 4-5kg of nappies and using 2 scoops of Bambinex ultra care.


From 5-15% oxygen based bleaching agent
less then 5% anionic surfactants, non ionic surfactants, polycarboxylates, soap.
Contains also: enzymes, perfume.


1kg (30 washes)
Care & Warranty

Bambinex Care Guide

  • Prewash all absorbent parts 3 times before first use.
  • If you use a nappy cream you must always use a paper liner.
  • Store the nappy in a dry lidded bucket for 2 days.
  • Put through a rinse cycle before the main wash
  • You can wash at 40 or 60 deg
  • Use Non-Bio Powder Detergent or Bambinex Washing Detergent and do not exceed recommended dose.
  • Do not use liquid detergent or Marseille/Natural soap
  • No harsh stain removers, bleach, essential oils, perfumes or vinegar
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Ideally line dry or tumble dry on cool.


Bambinex Warranty

If you believe you have a faulty Bambinex product please contact us with details of the issue and photos and we will liaise with Bambinex so they can assess your warranty claim and arrange replacements if appropriate.

Bambinex products must be washed following their guidance otherwise product warranty is void.

Bambinex decision on any warranty claim is final.


Customer Reviews
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13 Reviews:

Bleaching agent
28 March 2022  | 

It washes everything very well, but it gave my baby really bed skin reaction (Nappy shape). As soon as I washed all nappies with my previous washing powder, the reaction disappeared. And also the care instructions for my nappies says that no bleach should be used, which I suppose eventually would destroy my nappies as well.

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16 March 2022  | 

Smells good
No soap build up in nappies
Nappies lovely and white

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Convenient but not powerful enough
20 February 2022  | 

Nice to have an all in one product I know is suitable for cloth nappies, unfortunately doesn’t get poo stains out at 40 degrees which is the recommended temp for my nappies. Had to switch to 60.

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24 December 2020  | 

Have been using it with the pads and so far so good I would buy it again!

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Keeps nappies white and clean
07 September 2018  | 

Great product leaves nappies clean and without stains

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Great detergent, no lingering smell
07 May 2018  | 

Used once so far on a load of nappies, liners, boosters, wraps and some muslins and terry cloths. We had not rinsed any down the toilet beforehand . Despite this, all came out clean using a prewash 60 degree cycle, with the exception of minor stains on one heavily soiled nappy- the sunlight got rid of the last few marks. No lingering detergent smell in the dried, clean nappies so very pleased overall.

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Works well
20 October 2017  | 

It cleans the nappies well. It smells ok but could smell a bit fresher. I don't know if that is because they can't add fragrance to baby/nappy powder for sensitivity reasons.

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04 September 2017  | 

I'm not sure whether this is cleaning my nappies properly or not as I can't abide the smell of the stuff. I wouldn't buy it again.

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The smell!
04 September 2017  | 

I guess this product does get the nappies clean, but i am not convinced they are any cleaner than with a normal washing powder. The smell of the powder is absolutely abhorrent. I will never ever buy this product again i am afraid.

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Expensive product
11 August 2017  | 

Looking at list of constituents, seems a bit pricey. Nappies and wipes came out clean and fresh smelling but I think that is more to do with 3 hr long 60° wash! Would probably use normal detergent with small amount of eco friendly nappy soak/laundry bleach instead

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Great clean and gentle on skin
14 February 2017  | 

We've had problems with detergent build up and nappy rash but this is brilliant. It solved both problems and is easy to use. Plus it smells nice and our nappies and liners have never looked whiter. I'm using it on my light laundry too. Never going back.

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efficient detergent
24 October 2016  | 

I used the detergent only to prep the nappies so far and I was pleasantly surprise that you don't need to use the whole lot of it for a load of laundry. I'm looking forward to see how it does the job with soiled nappies.

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16 August 2016  | 

I'm really pleased i tried this detergent on the nappy lady's recommendation. My nappies come out of the machine smelling clean and fresh. Tub lasts me several months.

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