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Little Lovebum Newbie Natural All In One

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Nappy Overview

Little Lovebum Newbie Natural is an ultra-soft organic cotton nappy which is perfect for the early days up to 15lbs.   The Little Lovebum Newbie Natural is an all in one nappy that needs no prepping, folding or stuffing so ideal for a busy and tired new parent. It also has an internal double gusset which helps with containment.


fits 7-15lbs / 3-7kgs

The nappy is size adjustable and has the option for crossover poppers on the tabs and poppers to adjust the length for the extra tiny babies.  Some full term/average size babies may never need the smallest setting which is perfectly normal but if you do need it, it's there.

How do I use it?

The nappy fastens with a double row of poppers to keep it snug and secure on baby. The leg gussets are soft for the extra sensitive skin of a newborn.

Remember as with any all in one there is only one layer of containment which is the elastic in the nappy edge so this nappy will not give you the "bomb proof" containment a two part system would (nappy and separate wrap) but all in one do offer you ease of quick fitting.

Due to the natural fabrics the nappy will reach maximum absorbency after 6 washes however 2 prewash should be enough to get started using it and then just change a little more frequently until all 6 washes have been completed.

Nappy Fabric

The Newbie Natural is made with GOTs certified organic cotton.

The outer cover is made from PUL which is waterproof so no separate cover is needed.


Little Lovebum
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