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Baby Beehinds EcoPads Night
Baby Beehinds EcoPads Night

Baby Beehinds EcoPads Night

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  • Heavy Absorbency
  • Perfect for nights or heavy flow days
  • Suitable for incontinence leaks
  • Fast absorbing velour

Baby Beehinds EcoPads Overview

Baby Beehinds EcoPad Night pads are topped with the same luscious royal purple cotton velour that is used throughout the Baby Beehinds Ecopads range.  The cotton velour is not only a stunning colour but also beautifully soft, once you try them you will never go back to disposables.

Velour is fast absorbing so make these pads ideal no matter how fast, heavy or gushy your flow.

The pads’ wings snap into place using two  high-quality resin poppers, the use of two poppers keeps the pad securely held in position.  The brand label is discretely positioned on the wings so it remains out of the way.



Nights are 30cm long


  • Contains 3 layers of bamboo at its core.
  • Baby Beehinds Ecopads are made with a core soaker of bamboo fleece attached to a hidden layer of bamboo jersey, a layer of waterproof PUL fabric . All topped with gorgeously soft cotton velour.

Which Way Up?

It is worn pattern side down with the stunning purple cotton velour next to your skin.



Baby BeeHinds
Cotton Velour and Bamboo Core
Pack Size
Single Pad
Which Way Up?
Pattern Side Down
Made In
Baby BeeHinds
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